5 Features Every Retail POS System Should Have

All point-of-sale (POS) systems have features, but not all POS systems are created equal. Whether you are running a retail shop or a restaurant, Bepoz offers a plethora of features that will exceed your expectations. Today, we are highlighting retail features. If you own a restaurant, click here to learn more about POS software features specifically relate to your business.

As a retailer you know you have to be aggressive to stay ahead of the competition. A high-level of performance is needed to not only alleviate pain points, but to solve everyday challenges as they emerge. Here are five features every retail POS should have.

  1. Management – Whether it is your stock or your cash, your POS system should have features that manage what is in your stock room and what is in your drawer. Control your inventory by setting up rules for reordering. Set alerts that let you know when a certain amount of cash is inside your till. These are just a few of the many ways to control stock and cash.
  1. Analytical Reporting – Most POS systems provide data, but do they analyze your data too? Bepoz is one of the most advanced reporting systems on the market. With Bepoz, your software will make an intelligent analysis of a product and actually recommend what you should do with it, if anything at all. Why do all the thinking? Let your POS software do it for you so you can make the smartest decisions about your bottom line.
  1. Real-Time Reporting – This is a must have feature. Real-time reporting simply means that integration happens as the event happens. For example, if you are selling t-shirts like crazy you want your stock levels to update. That way you don’t have to manage the inventory yourself. Your rules will re-order automatically as your numbers hit the threshold. No retailer wants to be without a hot item to sell. Additionally, if you change the price, it will immediately change at the POS terminal. There is no lag time.
  1. Customer Loyalty & Rewards – Every customer loves a good deal. Why not give them what they want. This system not only helps to see what your customers like, but helps you to communicate with them, provide coupons, and give rewards to your most loyal customers.
  1. Solution-Based Integration – As a business owner, you need your systems to work together. Bepoz can integrate property management systems, payment processing, gaming, accounting and ERP systems (just to name a few) into one cohesive retail software package that is easy to use and install.


There are many other features that work perfect for a retail store like a fully tracked voucher and gift card system; customer and staff communications; SMS, email, and electronic staff messaging. You can read more about Bepoz’s retail POS features here.

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