Become A Selling Machine In 3 Simple Steps

Think you can’t sell? Think again. With the right training and some practice, anyone can become a selling machine. Stop hiding behind your Point-of-Sale (POS) System and get out on the sales floor. The tips below can really help you and your sales team soar.

Step 1: Listen

Listening is a learned behavior. It takes practice. Try this:

  • Do not form a response until after the customer has finished talking.
  • When it’s time for you to respond, give a summary of what the customer said, “So you’re looking for a pink, pair of socks in a medium, correct? Under $10, right? This usually opens them up to share even more of what they want.

 Step 2: Use and Read Their Body Language

This is how you gain their trust, through body language!

  • Nod your head as they are talking, signaling that you are listening to what they are saying.
  • Make eye contact with a customer. If they are not engaging back through eye contact, maybe they don’t really want help. Let them know you are available when they need help.
  • Where are your hands and arms? Are they crossed like you are annoyed you are talking to them? Are their arms crossed like they are annoyed or uncomfortable? If a customer has their arms open and palms facing toward you, that is a great sign. This is a good time to suggest some items to them that are related to what they want.
  • Look for a slight smile in the customer, and make sure you are wearing one when you approach them. If their lips are pressed together it can mean the same thing as crossed arms, “I’m not interested in talking to you.”
  • Mirror their body language. Don’t go crazy but, start with their demeanor. Are they rushed or seem to be slow and steady? Respond at their pace. You can also adopt their posture or use hand gestures if they are.

Step 3: Read Non-verbal Cues

Are they ready to buy? A couple cues like those mentioned below will help you determine where they are at in terms of pulling out their wallet.

  • The customer is really interested in just one product. They are most likely ready to buy.
  • They are looking for help. That means they are probably ready to buy.
  • After you’ve helped them how do they seem? If they are relaxed, chances are they are now making the decision to purchase. If they are avoiding eye contact, making excuses, or moving on to looking at other products, that’s the cue that they’ve decided not to buy. It’s best to hold off selling to them.

If you can create trust with the customer like a friend, you can create a sale. Now combine these tips you just learned with selling through your POS software, and providing the perfect shopping environment, and you can’t go wrong. You’re on your way to becoming a selling machine!

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