9 Ways To Create The Best Sales Boosting In-Store Retail Displays

Window displays are the most direct in attracting customers. It’s usually the first visual contact a consumer has with a store. Then once the customer gets inside, in-store retail displays play an even more crucial role in moving the customer closer to the point-of-sale (POS). Here are 9 ways to create the best sales boosting in-store retail displays.

1. Make Them Multi-Dimensional

Add elements of height, color, and depth to your in-store retail displays. If all your products are the same size, use pedestals. Don’t let your products look one-dimensional, dull, and boring.

2. Establish A Focal Point

Adding too much can bring distractions. Create a focal point. What is the one thing you want every shopper to see? Now design around it.

3. Keep it Simple

We all know that every creative idea is not always realistic with budget and staffing. Anticipate logistical challenges and build and design your in-store retail displays around those circumstances. Build with low-cost and non-permanent features, because the display will most likely get shuffled around, and maybe even damaged during relocation.

4. Space Must Reflect Price Point.

Don’t create a spacious display only to sell a $10 product. Make sure the display receives the correct amount of space that is proportionate to the price point. Usually the more space, the higher the price point. That spacious feeling gives the perception that the merchandise is expensive, whereas when it’s crammed together it’s seems to be a bargain deal.

5. Get the Right Details

Think about the customer. What would they like to see? Perhaps the price, product details, or where to browse to find more options would be helpful? Nothing is worse than putting together a display that frustrates the customer and doesn’t give them the information they need to make a decision to purchase.

6. Allow For Engagement

You want your displays to stand out. Try to incorporate interactivity. Let customers engage and experience the product. Think about the 5 senses here.

7. Stay Consistent

In order to stay consistent with displays, it’s best to have basic standards and guidelines for staff to follow. It also helps if you have multiple stores. You want to create a synonymous customer experience.

8. Update Frequently

Don’t let your customers get bored. Let them discover new products each time they enter your store. Try to maintain a regular schedule to update in-store retail displays. Holidays and seasonal changes can help to inspire the changes in your displays.

9. Use your POS

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that you can use the space near your POS. Eye-catching floor or counter displays near the POS system is a very effective approach to upselling. Additionally, use your LCD screen as part of your POS to advertise your sales for some last minute deals. This is really helpful, especially if you don’t have the space for a floor or counter display near the checkout area.

Just remember, when creating in-store retail displays, create with a specific goal in mind as well as the customer’s wants. Try to be consistent and frequent in your creation and implementation, and be sure to have fun!!

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