4 Easy Steps to Setting Up An Employee Contest With Your Retail POS

Interested in motivating your staff and increasing your sales? Then you might want to consider implementing an employee contest for your retail store. Just don’t forget to let your point-of-sale (POS) do most of the work.

An example of an employee contest might be to ask staff to push a certain item or small items at the checkout to boost average checks. See who can rack up the most upsells in a day, or even a week. Another idea might be to collect data for your customer loyalty program. Incentivize employee’s to sign up guests at the checkout or in the aisles. The employee to signs up the most customers wins a gift card or a bonus check.

Here are four easy steps to follow when creating an employee contest with your POS.

1.Set Goals

First, set sales goals for your staff based on their work schedule, special events, previous year’s numbers, and store promotions. Outlining goals clearly communicates to the employee their responsibilities and gives them something to work toward.

2. Design the Contest

Second, you’ll want to determine the contest around your goals. Then define your rules and set up parameters so the results can be easy to track in your POS system. Make sure you determine how to make this fair for part-time vs. full-time employees. The more competitive the contest is for everyone, the better results you will see. For example you might want to design the contest to measure how many upsells sold per shift instead of the number sold in a week.

3. Implement and Update

Now you’re ready to let your staff know about the contest. Once you implement the contest, let your employees know who is winning! Bepoz’s POS has the ability to create custom reports with formulas. You can simply run a report that will give you the figures you are looking for. You can even create a chart or graph to display eye-popping results that will encourage your team with visual indications of their success.

4. Analyze Results and Evaluate Success

As a retail shop owner, you and your managers have access to real-time data. You can easily track your sales, average checks, and profit margins over time. These reports make it easy to evaluate the success of your contest. If your contest helped you achieve your business goal, consider running it again.  You will likely have improved results the second time, as employees will have learned best practices from the first contest.  If you didn’t meet your goal(s), try to figure out why, so you can modify for your next employee contest.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to set up an employee contest with your POS system. Contact Bepoz to learn more about POS software.