4 Ways To Use Your Mobile POS For Retail

One way to breathe new life into your retail store is to add mobile point-of-sale (POS) technology. For some business’, mobile POS software makes sense, especially if you have a mobile dog grooming business, retail trailer or any other small business without a traditional storefront. However, there are still useful ways that mobile makes sense for brick and mortar stores too. Here are four creative ways to use a mobile POS in your retail shop.

Check Out Customers on the Floor

Some businesses use their mobile POS as a floating terminal. Their sales associates are armed with tablets as they walk down the aisles. That means they can ring up sales anywhere in the store.

For example, you have a customer that loves the pants they’ve tried on in the dressing room, but somewhere between getting dressed and arriving at the checkout, they’ve decided to only buy one pair. Why not ring them up in the dressing room, while the look and feel of the pants is still fresh in their mind? Not only does this guarantee that the customer purchases while they’re happy, but it also helps cut down on them searching the Internet for better deals.

Make Sales At Local Events

Have you ever set up your shop somewhere else? If not, why not try it out? Set up a limited-time event with a pop up shop or piggyback off a local event in your community. Not only does this bring in sales, but also visibility to new customers.

Don’t worry about dragging all your merchandise out of the store either. Be creative and bring plenty of gift cards/vouchers. Plan to give away coupons or free samples, or find other innovative ways to introduce folks to your business.

Inventory Check

Nothing’s worse for a customer than finding the right shoes or perfect blouse, only to find out the store doesn’t have their size on the floor. Sure they could go to the check-out at the front of the store and wait in line for ten minutes to talk to an associate, then wait for them to look it up in the computer system, and then another 10 minutes while the associate calls other stores. That sounds like a hassle for the customer, right?

Take care of customers, by arming your staff with tablets. As customers are shopping, ask them if they need help. Check your inventory in your store and others right from your POS. It will really show you care about your customers.

Capture Data

After you provide excellent service in the aisles, don’t forget to ask for the customer’s email so they can be a part of your loyalty/rewards program. Your customer will already be smiling ear-to-ear and won’t even think twice about signing up. You POS can keep track of customer data, as well as what they purchase so that you can contact them with personal promotions in the future.

These ideas are just a limited few. The mobile POS space is continuing to expand, and retailers are getting more and more creative. Thinking about going mobile? Call Bepoz to set up a demo.