Higher Sales This Holiday Season With Vouchers


The biggest shopping season is upon us. Have you considered a promotional tool called, ‘vouchers’ to increase your holiday retail sales? It’s a good way to lure old customers back into your store, and retain your current ones. Your point-of-sale (POS) system can help you launch a voucher campaign, or a series of them. Here are a few examples on how your retail store can benefit from vouchers this holiday season.

1. Buy One, Get One Vouchers on Your Receipts

Help your customers feel specail by providing vouchers for items that they actually like, or similar items close to what they have purchased in the past. For example, your customer just purchased some jeans. When you hand them their receipt, your POS can give them a voucher for a buy one, get one pair of jeans, or anything else that has to do with jean material. Maybe, it’s a buy one jean jacket, get another one half off? You can also give a specific set of dates for the sale to bring them back at another time whether it’s tomorrow or two weeks down the road. The voucher can be tracked, but not duplicated. Test to see what items and promotions bring your customers back into your store most often. You POS will track all this and provide reports so you can analyze and make strategic decisions about your promotional campaigns.

2. Personalized Vouchers Via Email

Dig into your data with your POS and find out who your most loyal customers are. Who shops the most frequently and who spends the most? Set you modifiers for what your top customer looks like. For example, you want to email everyone who has made at least 3 purchases in the last 6 months with an average of $50 per transaction. Your POS can find those folks and create a list for you. It can then email those customers with a special voucher. Perhaps, you give them 15% off their total purchase of $75 or more between two specific dates as many times as they want to use the voucher. Then watch and see who shows up and how many times they shop and use the voucher during the allotted times.

3. Gift Cards Combined With Vouchers

According to CardCash.com 73% of consumers surveyed in 2017 will be purchasing at least one gift card this holiday season. Why not offer a voucher for anyone purchasing a gift card? For example, if they purchase gift cards totaling $100 they will receive a voucher for $10 off their next $25 in-store purchase. You can even make the voucher specific to a specific store in your chain, or all chains.

Make your customers feel privileged this holiday season. There are so many ways and combinations to use vouchers, and Bepoz is known for this advanced feature. Give us a call today to set up a demo.