A POS That Can Handle Both Restaurant and Retail

There are point-of-sale (POS) systems that offer retail features, and there are POS systems that offer restaurant features. Business owners typically buy one or the other. But what if you want one system that offers both restaurant and retail features in one system?  If you do your research, you’ll find this is extremely difficult to find. Bepoz has the functionality to handle both types of operations for one to many locations. Bepoz can provide both high-quality software, and a two-in-one restaurant/retail system that can accommodate your entire organization.

Perhaps you own a restaurant and a retail shop, or multiples of each. Many who need restaurant POS features and retail POS features end up purchasing two different systems. But why buy two POS systems when you can buy one that does it all?

In your restaurant you need the right software modifiers and workflow that can keep your kitchen efficient, and minimize error and waste. With Bepoz, servers can communicate to the cooks with the temperature of a guest’s steak, and what sides to put on the plate. Servers can also keep track of orders, add drinks and desserts before the guest cashes out. If you are full service, hostesses and waiters can keep track of tables as well. Overall, provide your restaurant with a system that keeps your entire restaurant in sync.

In addition, Bepoz’s software can track every ingredient in a recipe or dish, which in turn allows management to better track food costs. The ability to set recipe quantities allows you to minimize waste, increase quality control, and verify for variances. Management can be alerted as stock levels start to drop. Shopping lists can be made after each night.

In a retail shop, there is a completely different set of inventory needs. Barcodes are needed to reduce human error, hold data, and provide faster check-outs. Inventory is also monitored in your retail shop there are often thousands of products to track by the case or by the each individual product sale. Label printing for items that come from suppliers without barcodes is also common. With multiple locations, transfers between locations is common. Bepoz can do it all and more.

Lastly, integrate your loyalty program with your restaurant and retail shop. No matter where your guests spend money, they are rewarded for dollars spent.  Then collect customer data and analyze their spending habits. Send them promotions based off how they spend within your organization.

Whether you’re a hotel, casino, distillery, grocery store, convenience store, resort, or some other type of business that requires a two-in-one POS system that offers both retail and restaurant software features, then give Bepoz a call. You’ll find an extremely, high-quality software package that will keep your business running smoothly and more efficiently.