6 Tips For Black Friday Preparations

The busiest shopping day will be here before you know it—Black Friday. In 2015, 102 million shoppers hit the stores starting the day after Thanksgiving and shopped through the weekend. Is your store ready for the influx of sales this year? Don’t forget to utilize your point-of-sale (POS) system to help with the busy shopping season.

Here are 6 tips that will ensure that your store is in the best position possible to not only succeed and make a lot of money during the holiday season, but also minimize the stress and headaches this season can bring to a lot of business owners.

Plan and Organize Your Sales

Look at your products and organize your sales ahead of time. Choose the products you want to run a holiday sale on and schedule their start dates and sale prices automatically inside your POS.

Consider Mobile Solutions

How will your staff handle the influx in customers? Have you considered adding mobile POS solutions? Arming your staff with a mobile POS will give them easy access to inventory, sales and promotions, and can help provide great customer service. You can even pull floor staff to help with long check out lines. This is also a good personal way to collect customer data from those that may not even purchase in your store that day. Then catch up with an automated email for more sales incentives to bring them back.

Build Suspense and Buzz

Assuming you have a data list of your customers, contact them via email or text with upcoming promotions or sales incentives to get them into the store. Make them feel like a VIP with personal touches and promotions based off their recent purchases.

Bring Customers Back

What will you do with all the Black Friday sales cart abandonments online? You’re going to email all those folks by setting up compelling, automated emails to bring them back to your store! Let your POS help set all that up for you.

Reward Loyal Customers

Email or text loyal customers with incentives to bring them into the store. Provide discounts that are only for your loyal customers and watch your sales soar!

Check Last Year’s Data

What kind of sales did you do last year? What products sold the best? Use your POS to find out this information, then order based on research, not based on opinion.

Whatever your plan is for Black Friday, don’t forget to consider the capabilities of your POS software. Lean on it for a stress-free shopping holiday!