5 Automated Jobs You Can Pass Off On Your POS

As a retailer, you know there is a lot of work to do around the holidays. Your time and energy needs to be focused on implementing your seasonal sales strategies. Let your point-of-sale (POS) system help you with some of the minor, but important responsibilities.

Here are 5 automated jobs you can pass off to your retail POS this holiday season, and all seasons.

1. Inventory Ordering

You plan on selling merchandise like crazy till the end of the year right? That means you have to keep track of your inventory. Wait, no you don’t. This is a job for your POS. Connect your software to your vendors and set qualifiers. When your inventory reaches a certain threshold your POS can re-order immediately. No delays. Or you can set alerts so that your managers are notified when certain inventory is low.

2. Employee Management

With the chaos on the sales floor, employees can sometimes forget to check out at the end of a hectic day. Set your POS software to automatically clock out employees who have forgotten. Also, when labor percentages get too high, have an alert sent to managers.

3. Pulling Data

It’s important that you know your stats daily, weekly, and monthly. Customize what data you want to see, and automate when you want to see it with your point-of-sale system. You can even have reports exported to your accounting or ERP systems to be used for a custom interface.

4. Customer Management

If you have a customer loyalty program, set qualifiers for your segments/tiers for promotions. Your POS can automatically elevate customers from one level to the next. Additionally, your POS can send vouchers or store discounts to a particular group of customers. Your POS can let your cashier know if the customer has points or discounts on their membership account.

5. Marketing Your Brand and Merchandise

A great way to engage with your customers is through email, but who has time to send out emails to every new customer? Nobody! But your POS can be automated to send out an email as soon as a customer subscribes. You can even set up a drip campaign with multiple emails sent out at certain time intervals marketing anything from your brand, sales, or merchandise.

Again, there is no need to do this all yourself, or even pay someone. Let your POS help you this holiday season. You’ll probably realize that you need it for every season in the retail business. Check out Bepoz, if you’re looking for a quality POS system. Give us a call to set up a demo.