Bepoz Restaurant Features – Endless Possibilities

All restaurant owners want to increase their profitability and efficiency, right? A point-of-sale (POS) system can help. Whether you own a quick service or fine dining restaurant, Bepoz’s Restaurant Software can help manage small, large, and multi-store operations. Its endless features, some of which you won’t find in other systems for the price, makes Bepoz an affordable, comprehensive package.

While today we are highlighting restaurant features, click here if you are a retail business owner. You’ll find a list of POS features that will help your specific type of business.

As a restaurant owner what features are you looking for? Table management, online reservations, split tickets, drive thru operations? Bepoz’s software can handle it. Here are some more features.

Inventory Management

Knowing what is in your stock room is important. It keeps you from calling an 86 on the #1 menu item. Bepoz, can let you know when you are running low on those special beef blend burgers that sell so fast. The system can alert you to order more, or you can set the rules to automatically place the order when your stock levels reach a certain threshold. Manage inventory from handheld, till, or back office. Stock take can be done in bite size pieces, case breaks and multiple unit breaks.


Bepoz can handle remote ordering for customers. Staff members can also take orders by till, hand held or wireless. Servers can also determine what printer to send the order to. Say you have a table that is ordering beverages for the evening, enter their drink orders into the POS and send the ticket to the bar printer or screen. If you have another table that is ordering entrées, the server can send that order to the kitchen printer or screen.

Additionally, Bepoz offers a wide range of ordering modifiers like changing a course. Perhaps the customer wants to have an entrée as an appetizer or vice versa. The software also offers an auto prompt on items. For example, the server punches in a steak, and follows the prompts to answer the temperature requested – rare, medium, rare, medium, etc. There are also changeable modifiers like, ‘add cheese’ for $.50 extra, or even free form text for a special order for the chef.

Multi-store Management

When you business includes multiple locations, it can be hard to manage all revenue, sales, inventory, customer service, analytics, etc. However, Bepoz’s software can take a snap shot of the multiple moving parts of your business regardless of how many locations you have. Tailor your promotions to fit each location in accordance to its geographic location. Watch trends and patterns in your businesses through your POS’s state-of-the-art data tracking, and receive intelligent analysis as well. Let your POS see what you can’t see.

Looking for other features? There are just too many list. Give us a call at 855-313-0857 and let us know your requests.