5 Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

A secure point-of-sale (POS) system is a must to keep your business safe. Who wouldn’t want to protect their data, and better yet, their cash? With Bepoz, there are many ways to keep your business safe. Here are a few features.

1. Inventory Tracking

Sometimes the biggest areas of shrinkage come from employees, not customers. To prevent employee theft, Bepoz promotes accurate inventory control. With this feature, the POS lets business managers and owners know exactly what is in stock. Gone are the days of employees walking out the back door with merchandise, or if they do, the manager will become aware of missing stock, and hopefully catch them on camera too.

 2. Integrating Security Cameras

Bepoz can integrate video surveillance cameras into your POS system. The camera can be set to record transaction activity right over the feed video. This can help management to quickly audit and spot any abnormal transaction occurrences. The operator can go back and check the feed searching for things like voided transactions, coupon redemption, employee discounts, etc. For example, the operator could check to make sure that employee discounts are actually given to real employees.

3. Compulsory Drawer Close

The compulsory drawer closing function ensures that the drawer cannot be left open. After a period of time lapses, an alarm will remind the cashier to close the drawer. It can also be set to only allow another transaction until the drawer is fully closed. This is needed because one of the ways a cashier can steal is by partially ringing up items, but never closing the drawer; therefore, never finishing the transaction and pocketing the cash.

4. Blind Drops

Another preventative measure to protect your business from a short drawer is to introduce a blind drop. A blind drop requires employees to reconcile cash at the end of their shift without notifying them of the exact amount they are expected to return. Bepoz can even set the system to alert a manager if the drawer is off a certain amount.

5. Audit Logs

Not only can Bepoz’s POS keep track of all your transactions, but it can keep track of nearly every change in the system. This is good for searching for employee patterns, like a cashier that gives a lot of discounts, price changes, etc. This can give you confidence that every action with the system is recorded, and available for review. The audit log will tell you who pressed the keys and what keys the person pressed in order to complete the action.

Of course, there are many other ways that Bepoz can help keep your business safe. Give us a call to talk specifically about your security needs.