Casino POS Player Rewards Integration

A player rewards program is an important part of any casino operation. These rewards encourage players to continue gaming and to return to your establishment whenever they wish to play. Watch the video below as Tim explains how our casino POS integrates with player rewards systems, including the most popular systems such as Bally, Konami, IGT, Aristocrat, MGT, WinSystems, and more.

Benefits of Using Bepoz with Player Rewards

A casino needs a point-of-sale system to easily track all transactions. Using Bepoz casino POS along your chosen rewards lets your players easily redeem vouchers for specific products or accrue points toward comps.

We make it easy for you to limit redemptions to specific products and services. For instance, some states don’t allow vouchers to be used for liquor purchases. We can customize the system to remove the option for liquor redemption. In fact, we can customize it in many different ways! Perhaps you only want your players to earn more chips or stays at specific hotels. We can do that for you and much more.

Bepoz is used both for the redemption and issuance of these vouchers and points. Basically, Bepoz casino POS integration lets you use one system for every transaction.

Casino POS Systems That Support Rewards Systems

Every casino has a rewards system they have come to know and trust. Changing your POS does not mean that you have to change your casino POS. Bepoz was built with flexibility in mind! Casino player reward integration is an integral part of what makes Bepoz great.

Give us a call to learn which player rewards systems are supported by Bepoz and how our casino POS integration will work for you!


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim, and I am here with Bepoz Casino Point of Sale Systems to talk to you about player integrations.

Bepoz integrates with all the traditional player rewards systems that you can find: Bally, Konami, Aristocrat, IGT, MGT, WinSystems, and many more.

We have integrations to both redeem and potentially issue points to players through their purchases of food or retail products. We can limit redemptions of points to certain products. So in certain states, you could not redeem points for liquor, for instance.

We also can, in some cases, redeem vouchers, do comps, limit comps, and many more things that could be possible with those integrations.

We would love to talk to you about your needs for point of sale systems and integration to player reward systems. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click on the link below.