Casino Online Ordering Capabilities

Ordering food online is a convenience that is embraced by customers around the globe. Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz can help with your casino’s online ordering capability with its casino POS system.

Recent surveys show that almost 90 percent of shoppers plan to continue ordering online even when brick-and-mortar establishments are open.

Casinos rely on in-person business, but they can also capitalize on the online marketplace. Customers can place orders in advance of their visit, they can order food for dine-in and delivery and they can order themed merchandise and gift items that are shipped to their home. Making it possible for gamers to order or shop from home gives you an easy way to earn more income and customer satisfaction.

Bepoz offers casino ordering capabilities that let you place your food and merchandise orders online for easy online ordering and shopping. Your customers simply need to go through the online system to place their order and then receive their items through pick-up, delivery, or dine-in. The Bepoz casino point of sale system even lets your patrons redeem their player reward points online.

Casino online ordering through the Bepoz POS isn’t only intuitive from a customer standpoint. It is also easy to use and operate from your end. Online orders can be routed to different screens or printers so only the appropriate restaurant or revenue center that fulfills the order will see it. The POS system also works seamlessly with Bepoz’s other great casino POS features. You will use the same POS system for your inventory, payment, menus, and more as you use for online ordering.

Patrons will love that they can place orders in advance. This lets them plan a trip to your casino whenever they wish. With the bonus of being able to redeem rewards online, players are more likely to return to your casino than visit a competitor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim, and I’m with Bepoz casino point of sale systems. And I’m here to tell you about Bepoz online ordering capabilities.

Now Bepoz has our own online ordering system that can allow your guests to be able to make online orders in several different ways. 

The online orders could be made to be a pickup order. So if you’ve got a quick-service restaurant, they could walk up to the quick-service restaurant and scan a QR code and make an order from their phone. They could be in some other part of the building and be able to go to the website and be able to get a link to do the online order and make the order that way.

We could also order that as a delivery and have a delivery area within the building, that you’re going to send it to some particular kiosk or area within the building. 

And you could also use it as dine-in. So you have a QR code on a table and scan the QR code, and then be able to make your order to the restaurant, and that will notify the restaurant what table you’re sitting at. So when they bring out the food, they know what table to bring your food to.

This could also be used with redemption of player reward points. So there’s lots of different ways that this could be used.

So it’s important to note that when you make this order online, this order could go automatically to a printer or kitchen display screen, or be routed to several different ones. So salads could go to a particular screen or printer, and fries to a different screen or printer, etc. All integrates with Bepoz so your menu items can roll up to your online ordering system and integrate. And that entire system is all part of that.

We would love to talk to you about your casino’s online ordering needs. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click on the link below.