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It is becoming more and more common to find tablets in places of business. They are replacing cash registers in retail environments. They are used by servers at restaurants. Why not adopt tablets in your casino as a type of portable casino POS software? Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz’s casino POS software can ease managing your casino.

Take Payments with Tablets

The Bepoz Casino POS uses tablets to create a form of mobility that lets your employees take the kind of payments your customers want to provide. 


Painless Tableside Ordering

Tableside ordering streamlines the process and decreases the time it takes to turn over a table. Because the server can both take and enter the order in one simple process, the overall time it takes to process a table is decreased.

There is a lower chance of mistakes when servers use tablets to take orders in casino restaurants. The tablets communicate directly to the kitchen, which means orders don’t get lost or forgotten. Many restaurants leave tablets on tables so patrons can order when and how they want without waiting on a busy server. They can even pay at their convenience.

This type of mobile mobility is a dream for those diners who want to get through their meals quickly so they can go back to the casino floor. It’s a bonus for you as well. Your casino only benefits when customers are happy.


Line Busting  – Smaller Lines Thanks to Tablets 

No one wants to wait in a queue. In fact, studies show that more than 80 percent of customers have left businesses due to long lines. The Bepoz casino point of sale system allows you to use touchscreen and barcode scanning technology on your tablet to get through lines in a snap. Whether your customers are at a quick food service or a retail shop, the lines move more quickly when you have employees armed with tablets.


Retail Inventory with Tablets

Tablet mobility is highly prized in your casino’s retail shops where the tablet could also be used for inventory counts, transfers, purchases, receiving, and more. Casino mobility is important everywhere, but the customer service it provides is arguably best appreciated in retail environments. In fact, many customers place customer service as the most important feature of retail.

Bepoz offers mobile inventory options, payment, and order taking for food service, bar and retail operations. Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your casino operations.


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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tim with Bepoz casino POS systems, and I’m here to talk to you about Bepoz capabilities to be operated in tablets or on mobile devices. And Bepoz has many uses in this category. So it will take a little bit to tell you all the options. In fact, I don’t know if we’ll cover all the options today, so if you have questions please call us.

But Bepoz in your casino could be used, let’s say by a server tableside in the restaurant to be able to take an order, and then at the end of the transaction, be able to take the payment. That would be one environment.

I could also operate in a quick-service environment and use that same tablet for line busting, and operate where I’m taking orders down the line and helping get those orders into the kitchen faster.

I could also do line busting in a retail environment where I’ve got that tablet that has a barcode scanner integrated to it and scan items and queue up the transactions, and either take payments or hold the transaction so that they could be paid at the cash register. Again, various options.

Bepoz could be used for pop-up operations within your casino. And that could be an option. And also finally, Bepoz has many mobile inventory options. And this could be within your foodservice and bar operations, as well as any retail operations that you have.

Bepoz tablets with integrated barcode scanners could be used for inventory counts for creating transfers between revenue centers. It could be used for making requisitions from your warehouse. It could be used for creating purchase orders or receiving purchase orders. There are many different functions that Bepoz mobile units could be used for.

If you have questions about how this could be used in your casino, we’d love to talk to you. You can either call the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.