Casino POS Overview

The casino industry is growing and thriving. In order to keep up with the steady demand for gaming, operators and owners of these facilities must use the best point-of-sale systems with the highest level of functions. Watch this video below as Tim gives an overview of Bepoz’s POS casino system & how it works for restaurants, retail operations, and more.

A Company With History

Bepoz is a 40-year-old company that continually finds ways to stay current while offering the same excellent customer service that has kept clients happy for decades.

Bepoz originated in Australia, but the company’s offices in the United States offer support for North American customers. Many of these customers are based in retail, food service, and the gaming industry.

Casino POS System Needs

A casino has a number of functions that must be carefully managed in order to ensure profitability and safety. The Bepoz POS manages all integrations for these facilities. The casino POS system doesn’t just take money. It also manages the different types of reward systems that are popular in gaming. The Bepoz casino POS system works with resorts that have a hotel front desk area. It can be used to make reservations, manage valet parking, provide room service, and much more.

Security cameras are vital in these environments. Bepoz works in conjunction with these cameras, which is an invaluable asset to your security team. It can also be used at your resort restaurants and bars for liquor dispensing, catering, ordering, inventory and menus.

Facilities of All Sizes

Bepoz’s casino POS system manages gaming of all shapes and sizes. Smaller venues benefit from having a system like Bepoz that grows with you. The flexibility of Bepoz also allows for larger venues. Even if your facility has hundreds or thousands of stations across multiple revenue centers or multiple properties, Bepoz will function with ease.

Those owners who have multiple properties can use Bepoz to track each facility individually while also being able to compare and combine all information. This is an excellent way to track profits and inventory across locations.

If you find that you need better support and customer service from your POS provider, contact us at Bepoz for an even more in-depth POS overview. We will discuss all Bepoz can do for your gaming, food service, and retail environment.


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Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Tim, and I’m here to tell you about Bepoz’s casino POS systems. You might not have heard of Bepoz before, but Bepoz is actually a 40-year old company originally out of Australia. We have an office here in the United States, with employees that are employed here in North America, to handle North American customers. And we have all the integrations that you are used to for your casinos.

And many customers call us because they’re tired of the support they’re getting from the traditional players in this market. We handle casinos in large sizes, so we can do hundreds of stations in a casino. And we can do them across many revenue centers or even across many casinos, all networked up together to one central database.

We do the integrations for player rewards, your traditional player reward systems, Bally, Konami, Aristocrat, IGT, MGT, WinSystems, and many more.

We also do integrations to e-connect for security cameras, liquor dispensing berg, hotel front desk for all of your traditional hotel front desk systems, reservations, catering, and more.

There’s so many integrations that we do. We would love to talk to you about your needs for your casino point of sales systems. You can either call us at the number above or click on the link below, and we’d be happy to talk to you.