Inventory Management: Purchasing and Receiving for Casinos

Inventory management is one of the areas where Bepoz can truly help your casino restaurants become more profitable. Watch this video below as Tim explains how Bepoz’s point of sale system is able to optimize purchasing and receiving for casinos and help you manage the supplies you use every day.

Optimization: Inventory Management for Casinos

Casinos rely heavily on optimizing each sale for the utmost in profit. Bepoz works with casinos to ensure they are using the inventory they have in stock, not overbuying unused items, and setting alerts for items that are running low. Bepoz casino POS can be configured to automatically create purchase orders for items on a revolving basis or when supplies reach a predetermined low level.

Using the Bepoz point of sale system for your casino helps you to avoid waste, but that’s not all. The system also lets you build recipes, which automatically deduct from your inventory each time they are created. You also get all of the other features of Bepoz, from reservation taking to acceptance of payment and much more.

Casino Point of Sale Purchasing and Receiving

Casinos need a system that can handle purchasing and receiving as part of the inventory POS. Your casino may need to accept inventory, manage batch recipes, and track deliveries within and without your casino.

Central Ordering, Warehousing, and Replenishment for Casinos

Do you have a kitchen that manufactures products delivered to other areas within your casino? Do you have a warehouse that creates items to be sold in your casino restaurants and stores? Bepoz can track all of these exchanges for you while also tracking each item that is used. Let your customers enjoy the delicious food while Bepoz tracks every component that goes into each meal.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim and I’m with Bepoz casino point of sale systems. And in this video, we’re going to talk about the Bepoz capabilities for inventory management as well as purchasing and receiving.

So in many casinos, they could be small or large, and we should talk about both the capabilities for large and small casinos. But many times in a casino, they’re dealing with both foodservice inventory with recipes. They could be made in batches, so we have batch recipe management. We could be doing manufacturing or light manufacturing with the commissary kitchen that distributes products to other kitchens. We could have a central warehouse where all the products are shipped in and then distributed to the various revenue centers from there.

And we could have inventory management for also retail establishments as well as the restaurant part. 

So Bepoz has the capacity to manage all of those pieces. So not only do we have purchasing and receiving, I can manage the purchase orders, and use par levels or other methodologies to manage your purchases from your outside vendors. And we can optimize your purchase levels like many other softwares cannot. And help you minimize waste and minimize products that you might have too many of.

But Bepoz can also do multi-location transfers, warehouse receiving, backorders, and replenishment from the stores to the warehouse or commissary kitchen. There’s a lot of capabilities under the hood with Bepoz inventory management. It is a very robust module within Bepoz.

If you would like to talk about how Bepoz inventory management could help you within your casino environment, we would love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number on the top of the screen or click us on the link below.