Casino Catering POS Integration

Catering for banquets and other special events is an excellent revenue stream for casinos. Area businesses can use your facility for their banquets while they pay you for space and/or catering. This also introduces new potential customers to your casino. The only problem is: How do you create and manage banquet event orders and catering with your casino POS system? Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz can optimize your business and its operating systems for catering.

How to Create and Manage Banquet Event Orders

Banquet Event Orders, or BEOs, sometimes feel like a hassle. There are a lot of moving parts with catering banquets. You need to track the amount of food ordered, the amount of food used and manage any last-minute additions that are made. Maybe your customer wants to have a cash bar with their banquet. How do you handle this?

Bepoz makes it simple. Bepoz integrates with software that was specifically made for catering. This software works together with Bepoz to make it a specialized casino catering POS system. You can access invoices and prepayments through Bepoz. You can add items and even track the inventory so you know which menu items you have left and which are out of stock.

Changing at the Last Moment

Everyone in the foodservice industry has experienced a client who makes last-minute changes. These changes normally cause a lot of headache, but that is no longer the case. With the Bepoz catering integration, you only need to press a few buttons to change the menu, alter prices or add items that the customer requests.

You can even use these casino integrations to cater off-site. Your customer may want you to provide food to their facility. Use Bepoz to manage all of your catering no matter where it takes place.

You can learn more about all that Bepoz offers for your casino by giving us a call. We’re excited to talk to you about your needs.


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz casino point of sale systems, and we’re going to talk about in this video catering that you might be doing within your casino.

If you’ve got catering events, you may have banquet event orders, or BEO’s, where you’ve got space that you’re doing banquets or catering events. And you need to set those up and have room, layouts, and orders on how to set up the room and how to charge and then prepayments for those events, and then the ability to add new items onto it during the event, and then post-pay on those bills, and manage all that catering.

Bepoz has an integration with a partner called IVVY, that’s I-V-V-Y. And that IVVY integration, IVVY is a catering management banquet event order and management system that can manage all those events and integrate with Bepoz so that I can access those invoices and prepayments, and add to them from Bepoz, and have a two-way integration.

If you’re looking for a casino management system with integrations for catering, we’d love to talk to you about how you would like to do that. Or maybe you have some other catering system that you’d like us to integrate with, we can have that conversation. 

We would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number that’s on the top of your screen or click the link below.