Casino Enterprise Reporting

Decisions in casinos are made by studying compiled data. Watch the video below as Tim highlights the benefits of enterprise reporting using high-quality casino POS software. 

You need to know where your profits are coming from, what areas of your casino are most and least attractive to patrons, where you might be losing revenue, and changes that must take place. The easiest and most accurate way to gather this information is through a full-service casino POS software like Bepoz.

Enterprise Reporting

Bepoz offers enterprise reporting for casinos of all sizes. If you have one casino that you own and operate, the Bepoz point of sale system will provide you with reports on each area of your casino and the casino as a whole.

Likewise, if you operate fifty different casinos or more, the Bepoz casino POS software system offers reliable reporting on each casino and all of your casinos combined. Perhaps you have multiple revenue centers within each casino, like bars and restaurants. Bepoz casino enterprise reporting will give you reports that let you see how these different areas are operating.

Customizable Reporting

Customizable reporting is something that Bepoz was built to do. Every system you have at every level can benefit from being customized to your needs. You can get reports only on beverage sales or only on gaming. You can break down your reports by location or by product type. The kind of reports you need is something only you know. Bepoz is here to make sure your reporting needs are met.

A unique feature of Bepoz is the ability to offer details about every single keystroke at a particular cash register or from a specific employee. You can require that employees use their own logins or swipe their employee badges before using a piece of equipment. You can then run a report on their use of the system. You will find out who is going above and beyond and who might be engaging in over-discounting to patrons or even cash theft.

Other Features of Bepoz

Bepoz is so much more than a point-of-sale system. One of our key features is inventory management. You can run reports in which you will learn what inventory you have in surplus and what is flying off the shelves. This can be helpful for restaurants, bars, and gift shops. With Bepoz’s ability to customize your own reports. The options are almost limitless. 

Call us today to find out how casino enterprise reporting is essential to your business and the role that Bepoz can play in helping you achieve the greatest success.


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Video Transcripts

So hey this is Tim with Bepoz casino point of sale systems. And we’re going to talk about our enterprise reporting capabilities for your casinos.

Now you could have one casino or you could have 50 casinos, and each of those 50 casinos might have 50 revenue centers in each of the 50 casinos. Bepoz could do it all. And the reporting capabilities in Bepoz is really second to none. This is almost business intelligence level tools you can customize pretty much every report in every system. And you can report at any level.

So if I’m a manager at some revenue center within a casino, I could see my revenue center. If I’m let’s say the food and beverage manager at a casino, I could see all my food and beverage outlets. If I’m the casino manager, I might say be able to see that entire casino. And if I’m head office personnel, I might be able to see all the casinos and all the revenue centers at all properties.

So at any level, you can report. Now not only do we go macro level and see the big picture, but we can get down to the transaction level and see the transactions that happen and the key button presses that it took to do those transactions.

So reporting in Bepoz can be micro or macro. We can get all different levels of reporting, and what we’re…one of the things that casinos often appreciate about Bepoz is our capacity to be able to customize. So all Bepoz reporting can be scheduled and sent to anybody. It can also be customized so that you can customize and even add formulas into your reporting. And of course, if you’re using some third-party VI tool, we can get your data out to that as well. But we have lots of ways to be able to do metrics in simple formats to be able to find metrics of let’s say theft.

If you’ve got concerns about cash theft, or over discounting, discounting friends or family, Bepoz could be able to highlight those employees that you would need to watch out for in lots of different ways.

Bepoz also does inventory management and reporting on that, reporting by revenue center, reporting by a product, reporting by an employee, reporting by a player. If you want to know how much each player is doing to their individual transactions.

So there’s lots of different ways that Bepoz reporting across all your properties could be extremely helpful. We’d love to talk to you about your specific needs and reports that you have that you can’t get out of your current system and show you how you can get those out of Bepoz.

If you’d like to talk to us you can either call the number at the top of the page or click the link below.