Casino Employee Meal Plans and Payroll Deductions

Staff meals are a great perk that keeps morale high among your casino employees while attracting and retaining top talent. Watch the video below as Tim explains the benefits of employee meal plans and payroll deductions and how to use your casino POS to optimize them.

Did you know that now it’s easier than ever to offer this high-value benefit to your employees? 

Your Bepoz casino POS system contains features and functionalities that will help you streamline and manage your casino employee meal plans and casino employee payroll deductions. 

Plus, by making the process easy and convenient for your employees, they’ll be more likely to take advantage of this benefit. You’ll enjoy a higher level of staff morale and goodwill that comes with that. 

Who can take advantage of these features that simplify casino employee meal plans and casino employee payroll deductions? 

Any large casinos that offer this fantastic benefit to their employees, whether you have an on-site cafeteria to provide daily meals to your staff or your staff can dine at the facility’s restaurants. 

Picture1 - Casino Employee Meal Plans and Payroll Deductions

Bepoz POS system lets you offer your casino employees the choice to charge their meals to their payroll and have them automatically deducted from their pay (can be applied per day, per week, or per month). 

The process is simple: when employees access their staff meals, they identify themselves through their cards, badges, or ID numbers, and Bepoz takes care of the rest, importing the information to payroll for tracking and accounting.

To find out more about how to automate your casino employee meal plans and payroll deductions for a stress-free administration of this important employee benefit, watch the video below. 

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz casino point of sale systems. And I’m here to tell you about a feature that is used in some of our larger casino groups, where we’re able to offer employees either payroll deduction options or meal plans. So let me describe that for you so you understand how this could work in your casino.

In casinos that have their own internal cafeteria, or even allow employees to go to some restaurant within the facility, we could offer those employees a couple different kinds of benefits. 

The first benefit is that employees could charge their meal to their payroll and have it deducted from their payroll at the end of the period. So each employee, we look them up maybe by their employee card, some badge that they have, some number that they reference, whatever we look up that employee. And when we look them up, they basically have a charge account that we’re going to export out on an automatic basis to your payroll system.

If you have lots of employees, we can also automate the process of importing into Bepoz all of those employee cards, or badges, or numbers, or references. So that that entire system is completely automated. We add the employees and we send the deductions to the payroll.

In certain cases and in certain casinos, you might have executives, or management, or other employees who may have a meal plan of sorts. So they might get a certain number of dollars to apply towards meals in a day, or they might get a certain number of meals in a day. And so we can automatically set up those employees to have those meals within the system. So the system will know, let’s say for instance, that this group of employees is given $10 a day to eat in the cafeteria. So they can go into the cafeteria and charge up to $10. If they go over $10, then they’ll have to pay for that balance by cash or credit card, or payroll deduction, which would be another option.

And so you could offer those kind of plans. Again, this could be a number of meals, a number of dollars. It could be applied per day, per week, or per month. So you could say this kind of employee has $100 a week, or $200 a month or whatever, to have all those different kinds of options to offer benefits to all different kinds of employees. And you can make as many different kinds of plans for those employees as you would like within our system. It just turns out to be an added benefit of all the other great things that Bepoz does for casinos.

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