Casino Player Rewards and Discounts

Player retention is vital for casinos. Player rewards programs have been proven to keep customers returning to the same casino again and again. Unfortunately for casinos, these rewards programs can sometimes be confused, abused, and misused. Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz’s POS software can help with player rewards and discounts for your casino.

How Casino Player Rewards and Discounts Work

Rewards and discounts are concepts you should be familiar with. A player opens a complimentary rewards account that then tracks the amount they spend in your casino. Dollars spent are tied to points, which may allow users to reach a tiered system (gold, diamond, platinum, etc.). As players advance, they have more player rewards.

Automatic Rewards in a Single Motion

The Bepoz casino POS software enables customers and employees to automatically redeem rewards at the point of sale. All your players have to do is swipe their rewards card and any accrued discounts, vouchers or points are immediately applied. The convenience is appreciated by the customers and you will love how much it saves.

No More Artificial Discounts

One of the most costly issues with player perks is the overuse of discounts. Your employees will make an occasional error. They will give someone a discount who hasn’t earned it, give them more of a discount than they deserve or let them use their rewards when they’re not eligible. The Bepoz POS software removes the possibility of human error. Casino rewards and discounts are connected directly to the account with no employee interference whatsoever.

Customizable Casino Player Rewards and Discounts

Many casino rewards programs offer special discounts on specific days. For instance, your casino may offer player discounts to your highest-ranking gamers in the bar one day, at the buffet the next and in gift shops on a third. Using Bepoz, you can set up a rotating schedule for these player discounts with no problem.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim, and I’m here to tell you about Bepoz’s casino point of sale systems, and our integration with player reward systems, and ability to offer discounts automatically to your players.

In many point of sale integrations that are used in casinos, if you want to give a player a discount, oftentimes a button is used and just a button, let’s say, to give a player discounts on some certain kind of product. The problem with that discount button is that it offers cashiers, managers, and other people the opportunity to give discounts to people who may not qualify for those discounts.

And so, in your tiered player rewards system, you might have different levels of players, we could automatically apply discounts to certain products in certain environments. So for instance, in your bar on Tuesday, Diamond-Level players get 10% or a $1.00 off of draft beers. So if I’m a Diamond-Level player and I scan my card in this particular, the draft beer will automatically take $1.00 off of that item. And that could be used a thousand different ways. It could be a percentage discount on a certain kind of product, a dollar amount discount on a certain kind of product. And it could be in a specific revenue center, a specific dollar amount, with a specific player reward level.

If you would like to talk about player reward integrations with Bepoz, we’d love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.