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Online ordering at your restaurants is a convenience your campground or RV park may want to consider offering your guests. Watch the video below as we cover some of the capabilities Bepoz point of sale systems has for streamlining different types of online ordering.

RV Park Online Ordering Campground POS: The Convenience of Online Ordering

Not all diners want to sit inside of a restaurant to eat their meals. They may love the food, but prefer to eat in their RV, tent, or in the great outdoors. During the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants that didn’t previously offer this service found their customers enjoyed this option. With COVID infections now much lower and fewer restrictions in place, restaurant patrons continue to take advantage of online ordering.

Online Ordering and Point of Sale

Customers can place orders online for pick-up. Most choose to pick up their food as soon as possible while others might choose to plan ahead, especially for breakfasts. With RV park online ordering, the chosen meal(s) must go to the kitchen for the order to be prepared. It would be best if you tracked all of the food and/or ingredients used in preparing the meal. You must also take payment. Bepoz can do everything except cook the meal for you. Based on your preferences, Bepoz can send the order to the kitchen screen, deduct items from inventory and even accept credit card payments. Bepoz will even integrate with your registration system so customers can make site charges to pay for the meal.

RV Park Online Ordering Campground POS: Other Types of Online Ordering

Most campgrounds use online ordering for restaurant service. However, many campgrounds have quick-service cafes, ice cream shops, and even retail stores that might offer online ordering as well. Customers are delighted when they are given the option to place orders online so they don’t have to waste time waiting in a crowded shop or restaurant. Bepoz can send any online orders to the appropriate screen, take payment and manage your inventory.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for campgrounds and RV parks. In this video, we want to talk about our capability of managing online orders. 

Many campgrounds have restaurants or retail outlets or usually restaurants that are in a coveted environment. Maybe they want to allow guests to be able to order online. So from their phone, they could make an order and say. ‘I’m going to come pick it up’ or if you want to allow them to schedule ahead, they could order breakfast and say have it ready for me at 8 a.m. But Bepoz has the ability to integrate that online ordering platform with your point of sale so that that order comes in and automatically sends to the kitchen printer or the kitchen display at the appropriate time. 

If we’re deducting inventory, it deducts appropriate inventory and if they want to do a site charge, they could then come in and tell the cashier, ‘Hey I want to charge that to my site’, and if we have an integration with the reservation system you’re using at your campground, they could then charge that to their site. So lots of options that could be done. They could have of course also pay for that order online with a credit card if you want to and enforce that that’s the only option. 

So lots of options on how that could be done. We’d love to talk to you about online ordering for your campground or RV park. You can contact us by either calling the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.