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Proper inventory tracking is necessary for maximizing profits regardless of the type of business you own. Campgrounds and RV parks need inventory management to ensure they are making the most of their sales. Watch the video below as we talk about how Bepoz’s point of sale system works as an RV park management software.

RV Park Management Software: Restaurant Inventory

Your campground or RV park may have dining options for your customers. Whether you have table service, counter service, bar, concession stand, or any other type of outlet, Bepoz will manage all of your food inventory. With each sale, Bepoz will remove every ingredient from your inventory so you always know the exact supply you have on hand. This includes all of the components that go into each meal as well as any paper goods, like napkins or straws, that you may serve along with the food.

RV Park Inventory Management: Liquor and Beer Sales

Do you have a bar or restaurant that sells liquor? An RV park inventory management plan must include the ability to accurately track every single serving. Bepoz can deduct your beer and wine inventory by the serving or by the ounce. If you sell mixed drinks or cocktails, simply input the item into Bepoz’s campground POS system and the number of ounces of alcohol in the drink is automatically deducted from your inventory. This helps you ensure servers aren’t overpouring and that you don’t run out of your best-selling liquors.

RV Park Management Software: Retail, Convenience, and More

Bepoz is built to manage all of the inventory at your RV park. You don’t need a separate system for inventory control in your restaurants and your retail spaces. Let Bepoz handle it. No matter what you’re selling, Bepoz will track it for you. Use inventory management in your retail spaces or any place where goods need to be tracked. You can even set up automatic ordering through Bepoz when your supplies run low.

Do you want to know more about the Bepoz RV park and campground point of sale system? Call us today so you can put yesterday’s inventory problems behind you and have a brighter, not to mention more profitable, tomorrow.


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Video Transcript

In this video, we’d like to talk about the capacity of Bepoz to manage all of your inventory at your campground. 

Now, inventory could be food-related inventory with recipes or even liquor, beer, so it could be a bar, restaurant, or it could be retail, and Bepoz is a little bit of a unicorn in this capacity in the fact that not only can I do restaurant and retail, but I can manage inventory across your property, no matter what kind of outlet you have. So this is a very robust inventory management system that could manage the inventory at multiple outlets if you have them. 

So in that capacity for instance, if you’ve got a burger and you’re selling a burger and you want to do the recipe on that, I can reduce from inventory the ground beef, the bun, the cheese, the tomato, the lettuce, the ketchup, the pickle, the box, the cup, the lid, the straw, the fries that all come in a happy meal if you wanted to do that every time you sell one of those happy meals or burgers. Obviously, you probably don’t sell a happy meal at an RV park, but for example, you could have anything that you want in the recipe for that product so that when it sells, it deducts from inventory.

Also, if you were selling a long island iced tea in your bar, it might deduct five different liquors from inventory at a half-ounce each, or if you were selling beer and you’re selling it in draft, it would do deduct 16 ounces for a pint and 64 ounces for a pitcher for instance.

So lots of different options on the way that could be done as well as the ability to manage the inventory in your convenience stores and retail inventory as well. So it could do the deductions and know that you have beer that you sell in a case and you sell in a single can and deduct the appropriate amount of cans. If I sell a case, it deducts 24, 12, however, your case sizes are and sell the can and it deducts one, and that can be done both and or either or of those different sizes when you sell it and all other retail products.

And then Bepoz could be used to do the purchasing from your outside vendors and actually manage that purchase order and send it off and email it to the purchased order, even in an automated fashion if you want it to.

Lots of different options on how that stuff could be done. We would love to talk to you about the complete gamut of inventory management. There’s way more that we could talk about this topic than we can cover in this short video, but we’d love to talk to you about it. Please call us. You can call us at the number on the top of your screen or you can click on the link below.