Campground POS For RV Parks With Multiple Locations And Multiple Outlets

Campgrounds and RV parks often have multiple revenue centers. Owners of these campgrounds may even have several different locations with a variety of areas that bring in revenue. Watch the video below as we detail the areas in which campgrounds and RV parks can use Bepoz’s campground POS for RV parks with multiple locations to manage their multiple profit centers.

Campground POS For RV Parks With Multiple Locations: Various Revenue Centers, Various Needs

Your campground or RV park might have one or multiple areas that bring in revenue. Restaurants, bars, convenience centers, gift shops, and activities are just some of the revenue centers commonly seen in campgrounds. You need a campground POS that can manage each one of these areas, take money, and provide detailed reports. Using Bepoz point of sale system allows you to combine your revenue centers into one report and look at each area individually. You will be able to tell which products sell the best, which menu items are the most favored, and which items are less attractive to your customers.

Managing Multiple Campgrounds

Many RV park owners have a wide number of locations they must manage at once. Bepoz point of sale systems function as the ideal RV park POS whether you have one site or hundreds. You can use the Bepoz system to compare your sites to one another so you can see which ones need more attention and which ones are thriving.

Campground POS For RV Parks With Multiple Locations: Additional Bepoz Features

The reports offered through Bepoz are priceless but that’s not all Bepoz does. As a point of sale service provider, Bepoz helps you manage cash intake and inventory. You can use Bepoz to take cash any place you have items for sale. The Bepoz inventory features tell you when you are running low on items or when you have certain products in surplus. You can even use Bepoz for ordering more supplies. Another great feature is the ability to use site charges. If you have an approved reservation system that you already use, Bepoz may be able to integrate in order to allow guests to site charge to their card on file.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for campgrounds and RV parks. In this video, we’re going to talk about how Bepoz can help you manage multiple properties or multiple outlets or revenue centers within your property. Bepoz can do both. 

So Bepoz can manage the sales and segment the sales from a reporting standpoint to help you know how much revenue you’re generating and which products are selling at each property or each revenue center within your property. 

So if your campground has a restaurant and a bar and a snack shop and a convenience store, we could segment all of that reporting so that you could tell revenue per outlet as well as manage cash as well as manage inventory for each of those locations. If you have twenty such properties or a hundred such properties or a thousand such properties, Bepoz could help you manage all of the properties and centrally report on all of those properties and all the activity happening at each of those locations. 

In addition to that, if you’ve got an approved reservation system at your front desk, Bepoz may be able to integrate to the reservation system in order to allow your guest to make a site charge to their site. So I came in from site D2 and I want to charge to my site, and I can charge it to my site in the reservation system. The reservation system would charge the card at the end of the night for each guest. 

So there are many many more options available and there are other videos that dive into other topics related to campgrounds and RV parks. We’d love to talk to you about your needs. If you’d like to talk to us, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.