Campground POS for RV Park Restaurants, Bar, and Foodservice

Many campgrounds and RV parks have food service establishments. It can be difficult to manage all areas of campground foodservice without the appropriate point of sale service in place. Watch the video below as we talk about how Bepoz’s campground pos for RV park restaurants.

Campground POS for RV Park Restaurants: Different Types of Food Services

A campground or RV park might have one or more types of foodservice to better serve customers. Your campground could have table service or counter service restaurants. You might have a snack shop or concession stand. You could even have an ice cream shop or other location that sells handmade items to customers. All of these types of foodservice establishments are important points of revenue. They also require a good campground POS or RV park POS to easily manage money, orders, and inventory.

Meeting Various Needs

When you think of a point of sale system, you may think it only handles money from customers. While a good point of sale system does that, a great one, like Bepoz, does so much more. Do you have a table service restaurant? Bepoz allows your servers to track which tables are free, send orders to the kitchen and collect money. This even includes tips. Bepoz’s foodservice POS allows quick service orders to be sent to the kitchen. It can even be used to manage a menu and kitchen inventory. Does your ice cream shop sell by weight? Bepoz can do that too. Bepoz can even work as a bar POS by allowing customers to keep a running tab.

Taking Money and Managing Charges

Taking money through cash or card is simple with Bepoz. However, you can also use Bepoz with your existing reservation system to allow customers to charge to their account. The credit card they already have on file will be charged with just the press of a button. This makes ordering easier for your customers which means more profit for your RV park restaurants and shops.

Contact Bepoz today to learn everything you need to know about using our system for your campground or RV PARK point of sale needs. We are eager to answer your questions and help you achieve your business goals.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for campgrounds and RV parks. In this video, we’re going to talk about some of the capacity of Bepoz to handle restaurants, bars, food seRVice environments of all kinds within your RV park. So Bepoz is capable of handling pretty much every environment that you could possibly throw at us.

You could have a table service restaurant, you could have a counter service restaurant, you could have a bar, and you could have snack shops, concession stands, ice cream shops of any kind, and Bepoz could handle all of those environments. It would be difficult for me to cover all the topics related to those in this short video, but suffice it to say that we do all of that. But I’ll cover the major points. 

In a table service environment, you’re going to have waiters that need to track tips and keep track of tables and be able to send orders to kitchen printers and kitchen displays, and may go to various kitchen printers or kitchen displays, as well as be able to handle tabs within a bar or be able to do quick service where we’ve got quick service orders that still go to a kitchen printer or kitchen display. 

In this, the snack shops or ice cream shop we may have things that we do by weight, be piles handles, all that, and then if you have an appropriate reservation system, we could then allow guests to charge a site charge to their reservation system. They’ve got site B2, and they want to charge off to their site and have that automatically charged to their credit card. 

There are lots of options that Bepoz could provide for restaurants and bars within a campground facility. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your needs. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.