RV Park and Campground Point of Sale

Bring all the facets of campground management together to improve customer service and streamline processes for camp ground stores, restaurants, retail outlets, golf pro shops, bars, concessions and more with Bepoz. Bepoz’s RV Park and Campground point of sale (POS) software can easily customize your needs with its easy-to-use, all-in-one software. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling propane, an ice cream cone, beer, or a breakfast sandwich it can all be done through Bepoz’s software.

POS Benefits

Retail Camp Store, Golf Pro Shop, Grocery Store and more  – Manage your store sales, barcodes and inventory and other park services using Bepoz’s software.

Restaurants, Concessions, Bars and more– Whether your food service operation is table service or counter service Bepoz point of sale can handle it all. Kitchen printers, kitchen display screens, ingredient level inventory and much more are all functions that Bepoz can manage.

All-In-One, Seamless Integration – Use the same software for your camp store, cafe, and more. Bepoz can be customized to seamlessly integrate with all your point-of-sale areas.

Adjustable Rates – Capitalize on busy dates by automatically adjusting your product rates to charge more when the occupancy is high and less when it’s lower.

Automated Email Marketing – Send newsletters and promotions to past guests of your RV Park or Campground. Offer incentives to fill slower times of the year.

Works for One or Many Locations

Let Bepoz organize and integrate all your RV Park and Campground locations with its easy-to-use, reliable software. A click of a button can pull up real-time data for any location.

We Know What You Want

We’ve been in the POS industry for nearly 40 years. We have learned what business owners want. That is why there are no upfront licensing fees or long-term contracts. We offer a month-to-month subscription with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. Be one of the more than 5,000 companies worldwide who have tried Bepoz. Contact us today to learn more.