Golf Club Membership Software

A Top Notch Golf Club POS System


Managing your busy golf club can be a trying experience if you don’t have the right system in place. You have a huge number of things to take care of, including checking in members, signing up new members, selling concessions, keeping the restaurant running smoothly and staying on top of golfing events.

A golf club POS system from Bepoz may be just the thing you are looking for. Even if you are a fixture in the community, if your golf club doesn’t work efficiently, members might be tempted to go sign up at another course when it’s time to renew their membership.

And managing club membership is a crucial aspect of your business. The Bepoz golf club POS lets you easily set up a member bonus point system so you can reward your most loyal members, such as setting them up in Gold, Silver and Bronze packages.

Use the data to set up targeted marketing campaigns, with reporting and the ability to generate mailing lists. You can even use the system to print up membership cards on the spot. With continued use, you’ll soon see the purchase and activity history of your most valuable customers and you’ll have the data you need to help you encourage underperforming customers to make more purchases through variable promotions.

Our golf club POS software is full-featured and highly versatile. For example, you could set up a customer inquiry terminal in your pro shop to enable customers to scan a product and get details about it, including the price and how many are available to buy.

With our reporting and analysis pack, you’ll quickly see information such as how long items remain on the shelf and which are your poorest turnover items.

For details on how Bepoz golf course POS systems can help you transform your golf club’s lackluster sales into unprecedented profits and success, please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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