Campground and RV Park PMS (Property Management System)

Campgrounds and RV parks that use property management systems to take reservations can utilize a whole new way for customers to pay for foods and services. Watch the video below of how a campground and RV park PMS integrates with Bepoz point of sale systems to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Campground and RV Park PMS: Integrating with a Reservation System

Bepoz is a point of sale system that has a wide array of features for your business. At its basics, Bepoz accepts payments from customers. Additional services like reporting, inventory, creating a menu, customer loyalty programs, and employee-specific coding adds to this robust system. One of the most important functions of Bepoz for campground and RV park owners is the ability to integrate with property management systems like Newbook, Resort Data Processing, and many others.

The Importance of Integration

Your campground may have a wide variety of services offered to customers. An RV park may offer hookups with water and electricity. A campground might have a lodge or inn that customers rent by the night or week. Along with these basics, you may have restaurants, bars, convenience stores, a gift shop, or a variety of activities. Instead of asking customers to pay cash every time they utilize one of these extras, they can use the system to charge the payment to their existing credit card on file. All they have to do is verify their site or room number and last name. Their card is then charged automatically.

Campground and RV Park PMS: Wristbands for Charges

A popular way of using site charges is through a wristband. Each customer may be given a wristband with a scannable code that connects directly to that card that is on file. Campers love this because they can avoid having to carry wallets and purses as they journey away from the campsite. They can even set up a pre-funded account that only charges the amount that they have approved. This is especially popular for travelers with children. Bepoz makes paying through integration easy for everyone.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for campgrounds and RV parks. In this video, we want to talk about integrations that Bepoz has with quite a few front desk reservation systems. 

So if your campground has a reservation system and you take reservations in advance for your sites, RV sites, or campsites, then that reservation system, many of them have the ability to allow for site charges from your various outlets, restaurant, convenience store, whatever the different bars.

Whatever the different outlets are that you have, you could allow your guests to go to the restaurant for instance, and when they get done with their meal, instead of paying by cash or credit card. They could then charge to their site with the reservation system with your front desk system. So they would be able to say, ‘well I’m at site B2’, and then they confirm their name and validate who they are, and that would actually take that charge and post it to the site in the reservation system. Then that would charge to their card at the end of the night.

We have also done this where the guest is given a wristband that they can then use. At many campground sites, they’re out doing lots of activities and don’t want to be able to take anything with them, so we want to validate who they are. They could have a wristband that we would then be able to scan at the point of sale to be able to charge to their site. We have done it sometimes with children where the site system, not Bepoz but the front desk system, could do, let’s say a balance for a child. You say, well this child has twenty dollars that they could spend around the property and that wristband gives them access to do that.

Those are all involved in the integration that Bepoz has with several front desk systems. Two of the ones that we’ve done the most work with are New Book and Resort Data Processing, or RDP. But there are many other systems that we could integrate that you could use in your RV parks. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your facility. You can call us at the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.