Senior Living Employee Meal Plans

Senior living centers already have meal plans in place for their residents. Why not add employees? Watch the video below as we explain how senior living employee meal plans are easily accomplished with Bepoz’s employee meal plan POS. 

Employee meal plans for senior living facilities is a great benefit to your employees and to your business model. Whether you have offered meal plans to your employees for years or you are only now considering it, Bepoz senior living POS can help.

Senior Living Employee Meal Plans POS 

You already have a meal plan in place for your residents. It’s simple to add your employees to this type of plan as well. Use a system in which employees are given a specific number of meals per day that they can access with employee ID numbers or bar code scanners. You can set this meal plan up to be used at one facility or multiple dining areas. Flexibility is part of what makes the Bepoz POS system so popular with senior living facilities.

Senior Living Employee Meal Plans: Employee Payroll Deductions

A simple way to offer employee meal plans is with payroll deductions. An employee can charge the meals they eat, which are then added to an account. That account automatically removes the specific dollar amount from their paycheck. Bepoz can handle employee payroll deductions which is convenient for you and your employee.

Senior Living Employee Meal Plans: Create A Meal Account

Employees might also opt into a cash account that is held specifically for charges. Using regular payroll deductions or lump-sum deposits, the cash account is then deducted each time they use your dining facility. This keeps your employees from needing to carry cash. The meal account can be used at dining facilities and in your retail centers if you desire.

Increased Employee Benefits

Do you want a way to add benefits for your employees with little extra cost? Provide a meal voucher as part of their benefits package! Allowing your employees to dine on-site saves them money. It also keeps them in your facility, which has proven to increase productivity.

Do you want to learn more about senior living employee meal plans? Talk to Bepoz Senior Living Point of Sale today! We are eager to share how easy it is to add an employee meal plan to your existing residential meal plan program.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz senior living point of sale systems, and in this video, we want to talk about employee meal plans for senior living facilities.

Now, many senior living facilities may not have considered this as an offering to their employees, but we do get some conversations about this. We want to talk about this as an offering that you might be able to offer to your employees.

Since we’re already setting up meal plans for residents, we can also set up either meal plans or payroll deductions for your employees. Think of employee meal plans or employee payroll deductions specifically like resident billing.

Now, there’s another video. In this series, it talks about resident billing for senior living. If you want to review that topic, you can understand more about that.

But employee payroll deductions is the ability for an employee to charge their meal to an account balance that then gets exported before their payroll, and deducted from the payroll. It’s a service that you could offer to your employees.

Also, some senior living facilities might have certain employees within the facility that might actually have a meal plan. They get an extra meal or a certain amount of dollars that they could use towards their meal within the facility. Bepoz can handle all of those plans as well. There could be many different ways we could do this.

If you would like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you with your senior living facility, we would love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.