Senior Living Resident Meal Plans POS

Senior living locations rely on the accuracy and customer-friendly systems to manage operations and track meal plans. Watch the video below to see how resident meal plans POS benefit senior living communities.

Senior living centers of all sizes have meal plans for their residents. The types of meal plans are as varied as the residential areas themselves. The Bepoz senior living POS provides an easy and accurate way to track meals regardless of the type of plan you have.

Senior Living Resident Meal Plans

There are three basic types of senior living resident meal plans for most operations. The first, and arguably the most common, is the plan that offers a select number of meals to use within a certain timeframe. It may be two or three meals per day, a number of meals per week, or per month or some other variation. These types of plans are easily tracked with the Bepoz senior living pos.

Another popular meal plan gives residents a predetermined amount of money to spend on food. For example, a senior living center might offer $10 per meal, $50 per week, or $500 per month. It could be one person with an account or shared by a couple. Sometimes, these dollars are only permitted in specific areas. Another option is to use this account as cash throughout the residential area. Bepoz can manage cash accounts in one dining area, a selection of spots, or in all locations.

A third meal plan is a combination of the number of meals and a cash account. This is especially beneficial for senior residential areas that have sit-down restaurants with optional alcoholic drinks. This type of plan is also useful for spots with small grocery stores and convenience stores that take cash rather than meal plans.

Ease of Management

Bepoz offers a resident meal plans POS system that caters to the needs of your residential living area. The customizable options let you choose one of the three most popular styles of meal planning or something else entirely. With Bepoz, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with multiple systems or different plans for each environment. You can use the same POS for meal plans in sit-down restaurants as you do for counter service, delivery, and even retail.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz senior living point of sale systems. And in this video, we want to talk about the different kinds of meal plans that you can offer your residents in Bepoz.

Now, first of all, it’s possible to do many different kinds of meal plans within a single operation. You could have meal plans where you offer a number of meals or a number of dollars.

So for instance, a number of meals is, I might offer three meals a day, or two meals a day, or I might offer 20 meals a week, or 60 meals a month.

I could have that plan be for a single individual or be for a couple. I might have dollar-related plans. They have $10 a meal, or $50 a week, or $500 a month. And we can do combinations of those plans, three meals a day plus $50 a month, or other variations. Almost any plan that you could come up with, Bepoz could accommodate.

Now when I’m doing meals specifically, oftentimes the desire is that those meals only are available at a specific revenue center and for certain specified meals and not other things. Or for instance, I might have alcohol that we serve in the dining room and alcohol is not included in the meal plan. Bepoz can accommodate all those scenarios.

You might have other scenarios that you would want to talk about or questions that you might have for us. If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz senior living point of sale system can help your operation, we would love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.