Senior Living POS for Multiple Properties or Revenue Centers

Many senior living centers have multiple properties, possibly with multiple revenue areas at each location. Whether they be retail, entertainment, food service, or a combination of services, each of these needs a reliable senior living POS for multiple revenue centers. Watch the video below as we explain Bepoz’s Senior Living POS for multiple properties ability to manage multiple senior living facilities.

Whether you have one property or 1,000, Bepoz can fully support your operations. Bepoz point of sale systems is made for providing the services and reports needed for any area within your residential living properties. Having a POS for multiple properties means you can compare and contrast revenue centers regardless of where they are.

One Senior Living POS for Multiple Properties and Revenue Centers

Your senior living property probably has a wide number of revenue centers. Revenue could be made from dining areas, retail, or you might even have entertainment centers, transportation, personal custodial services, lawn care, and so much more. Each of these revenue centers may need its own POS. Why not save time, money, and frustration by using the same point of sale system for all?

Using Permissions Wisely

The manager in charge of food service solutions probably doesn’t need access to your retail environments. Neither of these managers needs access to property management. Though Bepoz is used across all of your revenue centers at multiple properties, that doesn’t mean every user has access to the data. You can set permissions so that managers only have access to their specific areas while head managers can access as much as you allow.

Custom Reports Just for You

One of the greatest assets you have with Bepoz is running the reports you need. You might want to look at one property at a time or place all of your properties together under one report. You might just want to see food service or even certain types of foodservice centers. In most cases, if you can imagine it, you can get a report that will tell you everything you need to know and then some.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for senior living centers. In this video, we want to talk about Bepoz’s Senior Living POS capacity to be able to handle multiple revenue centers or multiple properties within the same system. 

If you’ve got one property or a thousand properties or more, Bepoz could centrally manage and report on all of those properties. If you have one property and you have multiple revenue centers or if you’ve got many properties with multiple revenue centers, Bepoz could report on each one of those revenue centers separately. 

We could obviously get certain permissions to certain people to see certain levels of information. If you’re a property manager, you might see all the revenue centers within your property. If you’re a manager of a dining room or a food service manager, I can see all the food service operations but maybe not the retail operation or whatever. We can give a lot of flexibility permissions on what you can and can’t see. Of course, head office people might be able to see all the properties if you wanted to have that all centrally located together.

Just helping you understand the capacity for Bepoz to handle a single senior living facility, many senior living facilities, all of that is possible within the Bepoz enterprise system.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your senior living facilities. If you would like to call us, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.