6 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profits with a POS System

Point of sale (POS) systems are one of the most powerful business tools for restaurant operators. A business-savvy entrepreneur knows that investing in a high quality POS software system means that their restaurant will run more efficiently, and be more profitable. Yes, you can make and save money with a POS system. Here are some

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Restaurant POS System
21 Oct
26 May

Restaurant Food Festivals in June 2014

Summer is here! As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, now is the perfect time to enjoy summer food festivals in your area. Whether you visit a local event or take a roadtrip to one in your region, one thing’s for sure: All of these celebrations offer tastes in towns that will be

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19 May

Cost Advantages for Start Ups

There’s some truth to the adage that you must “spend money to make money” when you’re starting a new business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it a top priority to keep your start-up costs low, and cash flow available. Here’s how Bepoz Point of Sale software can equip you to build your business

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12 May

The High Cost of Being a Cash-Only Restaurant

According to a report by the Congressional Research Service, Americans spent an estimated 42 percent of their household budgets dining out in 2012. Forbes reports that the average American spends at least $1,000 a year eating lunch at restaurants. Though opportunity is ripe for the taking, the real determinant between a restaurant’s success and failure

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Restaurant Food Festivals in May 2014

From Bigfork, Montana to Phoenix, Arizona, food festivals take place all around the country in May. Whether you love mushrooms or chocolate, there’s a spring celebration catered to you! Here are a few great food festivals coming up soon: Taste of Bigfork, May 1: At this Montana food festival, 20 local chefs offer their finest

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Restaurant POS System
28 Apr

Making Data-Driven Decisions With Your POS

Your Point of Sale (POS) system contains a wealth of information about what’s working for (and against) your business’ success. Here are three questions to ask of your business to understand how to leverage POS data for a competitive advantage. Are there more efficient ways to market? According to a marketing channel preference study conducted

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Data Driven Pos Decisions
21 Apr

Restaurant Food Festivals in April 2014

A local food festival is a food-lover’s dream: a place where multiple restaurants and chefs gather together to showcase their goods. And for the rest of this month, there are many great food festivals taking place throughout the nation! Whether you’re looking for a food-focused getaway or a fun festival in your town, here are

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Restaurant Food Festivals
15 Apr
26 Mar

What Industries use Point of Sale Software Systems?

Point of sale or POS refers to any kind of professional environment in which a customer purchases a product or service and the retailer receives compensation. Very often, the customer will receive a receipt upon the finalization of their purchase. Point of sale permeates the world in a variety of industries, some more subtle than

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19 Mar

Point of Sale Software for Retail Businesses

Well-functioning cash registers have long been the lifeblood of retail stores. After all, it’s difficult to operate a business efficiently without things working seamlessly at the point of sale. But cash registers are limited with regard to functionality. For some businesses, there’s a better option — a Point of Sale (POS) system. These systems can

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12 Mar

Why Customer Engagement is So Important for Small Businesses

Without customers, any business will fail; but for the small business, loyal customers are their lifeblood. Marketing becomes a fulltime necessary evil until customer loyalty, which leads to repeat customers and customer referrals, can be established. Obtaining new customers is much more difficult and expensive than maintaining a repeating and loyal customer base through the

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