Using Your POS System For Restaurant Employee Contests

Your staff is the face of your restaurant. That’s why it’s important to make sure they are trained properly, knowledgeable about your menu, and eager to please the customer with a smile. While this will ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction, you can always take it to another level with employee contests. Plus, you can utilize your point-of-sale (POS) system to put the rules, logistics and results in place.

For example, ask servers to push appetizers to boost average checks. See who can rack up the most appetizers in a day, or even week. Or why not try to boost your customer loyalty program? Incentivize employee’s to sign up guests, and watch your numbers increase and convert into sales through your POS system!

You can also use employee contests to improve customer service, or even boost morale. The healthy competition and opportunities for employee recognition even increase server retention. In addition, happy servers making suggestions to customers about great deals and/or recommended entrees can improve the customer experience.

Let’s talk about how you can use your POS system to create, run and provide the results for your employee contest.

First you’ll want to set up your goal, and determine the contest. Let’s say that you want 35% of your diners to order dessert. Now how will you achieve this goal?

Design the Contest

Decide what the contest is, and define your rules. Then set up parameters so the results can be easy to track in your POS system. Make sure you determine how to make this fair for part-time vs. full-time employees. The more competitive the contest is for all of your servers, the better results you will see. For example you might want to design the contest to measure how many desserts sold per shift instead of the number sold in a week.

Keep Employees Updated on Results

Let your employees know who is winning! Bepoz Point of Sale has the ability to create custom reports with formulas. You can simply run a report that will give you the figures you are looking for. You can even create a chart or graph to display eye-popping results that will encourage your team with visual indications of their success.

Analyze Results and Evaluate Success

As a restaurant owner, you and your managers have access to real-time data. You can easily track your sales, average checks, and profit margins over time. These reports make it easy to evaluate the success of your contest. If your contest helped you achieve your business goal, consider running it again.  You will likely have improved results the second time, as servers will have learned best practices from the first contest.  If you didn’t meet your goal, try to figure out why, so you can modify for your next employee contest.

Whether your sales are slumping, or you just need a little morale booster, a friendly competition can be just the thing your restaurant needs, and Bepoz can help. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.