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5 Tips To Maximize Your Retail Check Out Counter Space

Your retail check out counter space is important, not just because it’s where you make sales on your point-of-sale (POS) system, but because it’s that one last chance to sell, make your customers aware about an upcoming promotion, and provide great customer service. Here are 5 tips to maximize your retail check out counter space.

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29 May

Top 3 Ways To Increase Retail Sales Through Facebook

According to Facebook, 60 million businesses have pages. Does your retail business have a Facebook page? If not, you should. The path to increasing sales is to make sure people know about your products, right? Where can you find those who might be interested in your products? Look for where all the eyeballs are staring—Facebook.

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Con Karampelas
08 May

4 Tips to Increase Retailer Profit Margins

Profitable retailers are constantly looking at their profit margins because they know it’s key to staying competitive, and most importantly, staying in business. These numbers are more than just metrics, they answer some critical questions about pricing. Are you priced too high, too low, or just right? Where is your sweet spot? Profit margins are

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4 Tips to Increase Retailer Profit Margins
24 Apr

What You Need To Know About High-Risk Merchant Accounts

It can be a big let down, frustration, or even deterrent to customers when they find out you are a cash-only business, especially if they want to buy something with no cash on hand. While it’s standard practice to accept electronic payment these days, perhaps your business is considered high-risk, which is the reason why

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What You Need To Know About High-Risk Merchant Accounts
17 Apr

5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Best Inventory Management Software

If you own a restaurant or a retail store that sells more than a few items, you need a Point-of-Sale (POS) system with great inventory management software. Tracking your stock manually on a piece of paper or in an excel spreadsheet is tedious, time-consuming, and leaves you open for human error leading to loss of

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Palm Creek
10 Apr

Become A Selling Machine In 3 Simple Steps

Think you can’t sell? Think again. With the right training and some practice, anyone can become a selling machine. Stop hiding behind your Point-of-Sale (POS) System and get out on the sales floor. The tips below can really help you and your sales team soar. Step 1: Listen Listening is a learned behavior. It takes

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Handshake With An Executive
03 Apr

4 Ways To Boost Sales Through In-Store Experiences

Competition in the retail industry is fiercer than ever with online shopping and subscription services; consumers have many ways to spend money. That’s why it’s important that if you primarily make your profit from in-store sales, you plan on being creative when it comes to in-store experiences. Why would someone what to come in your

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Jewelry Retail Store
20 Mar

Gift Card Program Basics and Features Every Business Needs

The gift card industry is projected to increase to more than $400 billion in 2019, with a 10% average annual growth rate. That means by 2025 the gift card industry will surpass $700 billion. As a business owner, this may be something you want to keep an eye on. If you haven’t, already, you may

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Retail Shopping
20 Feb

8 Common Retail Pricing Strategies Every Business Should Consider

Business owners face a number of important decisions, one of them being pricing. A great pricing strategy helps you determine the price point where you can maximize profits. When setting retail prices, consider production and distribution costs, competition costs, positioning strategies and the ideal customer or current customer base. It’s a lot to think about

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Retail Store
13 Feb