6 Ways to Get Your Retail Store Ready For Fall

Summer is almost over and the kids are about ready to go back to school. Is your retail store ready for fall? Here are 6 ways to prepare.

 1.Mark Down Summer Merchandise

 Depending on where your retail store is located, it’s probably safe to say that any, swimsuits, beach gear, summer clothes etc. are not going to sell well at full price. Use your POS to create discounts. 50% off all summer apparel is a sure way to move inventory off your shelves.

2. Create A New Window Display

Nothing showcases the fall season better in a retail store like a new window display. It’s the perfect way to invite customers into your store with the hopes of getting them ready for the next season by spending some cash at your store. Be sure your inside reflects the outdoor fall display too. Keep in mind that even smells in your store like pumpkin spice or cinnamon apple can remind folks of the fall season, which will remind them of those boots and sweaters that they need to complete their wardrobe!

3. Review Last Fall’s Data and Analytics

What sold last year? Use your data in your POS to show you what was hot and what was not. Buy more of what you know will sell, and stay away from anything that didn’t.

4. Change Your Receipts

Change out what your receipts say to include fall promotions and coupons. Again, your POS can help with that.

5. Collect Customer Data

If you haven’t started collecting data from your customers, you should. A quality POS system should include a customer relations management (CRM) system inside that holds all customer data. For example, give a 10% discount on your customer’s next purchase if they sign up to receive more info about your store. Then email them discounts and promotions throughout the year. You can even personalize the types of items based on what they typically purchase.

6. Prepare for Holidays with Fall Hiring

While you are preparing for your fall season, don’t forget to consider that the holidays are right around the corner. Start looking to hire and train folks in the fall season so that you are going strong by the time the holiday season starts.

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How are you getting your retail store ready for fall? Perhaps, you might be considering an upgrade to your POS software before the holidays hit. We can help. Give Bepoz a call for a free demo today.