Usher in the Fall Season with Help From Your POS

Summer has officially come to an end. That means your shoppers will be changing their wardrobe, ordering hot drinks and conjuring up comfy feelings of the fall season, and soon after—the holidays! Here are a few ways you can usher in the new season with some assistance from your point-of-sale (POS) system.

Embrace the New Season

Decorate by making sure your storefront reflects the season at hand. Make sure your customers are greeted with the season before they even enter your store. And don’t forget about sprucing up your online site with fall colors and designs as well. Plus, use your POS to add seasonal cheer to your receipts, and remind folks about upcoming sales. The holidays are right around the corner! Get them thinking early about gift ideas!

Display Best Products

Make sure your bestselling items are displayed appropriately. Use your POS system to search through your data to help determine what customers like best. You can also review your customers’ shopping patterns with your software as well.

Order What You Know Will Sell

There’s nothing worse than having too much of a product to sell in the wrong season. Use your POS software to look at past sales trends in your business during the fall season. That way you can order what your customers want, and stay away from ordering products that they don’t want. This also helps keep you from ordering based off opinion, rather than research. Use your data to help order!

Collect Customer Data

Expand your email database with your POS software. During checkout have cashiers ask for customer’s emails. This will help you set the stage for future marketing campaigns. You can also run promotions that offer gift cards or other prizes to coerce customers to give their information.

Incentivize Customers and Build Loyalty

After you collect data from your customer. Store it in your POS, and use your software to email your customers about sales that reflect their shopping and spending habits. Incentivize them with coupons and gift cards to bring them back to your store. This will build loyalty and your bottom line.

No matter what the season, remember to let your POS system help you. Whether it’s collecting data, producing analytics so you can make an informed decision about inventory, or helping you display the right products you don’t want to underestimate its business building ability. Contact Bepoz for more details about a point-of-sale system that’s right for your company.