Let Your POS Do The Fall Hiring

It’s still sweltering hot outside, but you’ve got a business and that means you’re always a season ahead. So let’s look forward to fall. Will your restaurant or retail business be hitting the peak or the slow season? You’ll need to know how to plan schedules, hiring, and training. On your own this process can be challenging, but don’t be afraid to let your point-of-sale (POS) do some of the heavy lifting. Here are a few ways it can help.

Planning Has Never Been Easier

Whether you are hiring or decreasing current staff hours, avoid waiting till the last minute. Start planning months in advance by reviewing your POS data from previous seasons. Those previous data patterns will provide traffic patterns and sales that will help you determine what you need this upcoming season. Perhaps you had more employees than were necessary last year. This year you can start with projecting less hours needed and letting your staff know in advance.

Now that you know what type of staffing hours that you need, start getting the word out and setting up interviews. Starting early helps insure that you will have plenty of time for training.

Hiring is Simple

Who has worked for you in the past that was a great fit? Your POS can tell you by monitoring staff against key performance indicators, such as total sales and upsell rates. Build a rapport with your best seasonal employees and go to them first when seasonal spikes are expected.

If you’ve don’t have a lot of past employee interest in coming back again, consider sending out an eblast to your most loyal customers. If they like your store enough to shop, they may also like it as an employee. Make sure to use your POS to target your local customers and send an email highlighting all the benefits. For example, if you’re a women’s clothing boutique, you’ll want to mention the generous employee discount on clothing. That can be enticing enough.

Training that Makes Sense

As you begin to hire, try to start the new employee training at the same time. The fewer individual training sessions you hold, the greater consistency in training as well as time savings.

A quality POS, like Bepoz, can provide interactive, comprehensive training modules that help familiarize employees with processes such as entering orders and completing payment transactions.

Select the POS software that makes sense for your retail or restaurant business. Let Bepoz help. Call to schedule a demo today.