Monthly Archives: July 2021

Casino Menu Boards and Digital Signage

A menu board is a must for simple customer service. Watch the video below as Tim talks about how menu boards can make business a little easier in casinos using customer-facing digital signage within your POS system.  Casino Menu Boards Made Easy Patrons can look at your menu board and know exactly what you offer

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Casino Menu Boards and Digital Signage - POS System
30 Jul

Casino Online Ordering Capabilities

Ordering food online is a convenience that is embraced by customers around the globe. Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz can help with your casino’s online ordering capability with its casino POS system.  Recent surveys show that almost 90 percent of shoppers plan to continue ordering online even when brick-and-mortar establishments are

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Casino Online Ordering Capabilities - Casino POS System
23 Jul

Bar Tab Pre-Auth for Casinos

Bepoz Point of Sale (POS) can pre-authorize a credit card in your Casino’s bar. In this overview video below, you will learn about how the bar tab pre-auth process works.  You may be familiar with the following scenario. It’s the end of the night, customers are closing out their tabs, but there are open

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Bar Tab Pre-Auth for Casinos
20 Jul

Casino Tablets, Mobile, Mobility

It is becoming more and more common to find tablets in places of business. They are replacing cash registers in retail environments. They are used by servers at restaurants. Why not adopt tablets in your casino as a type of portable casino POS software? Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz’s casino POS

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Casino Tablets, Mobile, Mobility - Casino POS Software
16 Jul

Casino Employee Meal Plans and Payroll Deductions

Staff meals are a great perk that keeps morale high among your casino employees while attracting and retaining top talent. Watch the video below as Tim explains the benefits of employee meal plans and payroll deductions and how to use your casino POS to optimize them.  Did you know that now it’s easier than ever

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Casino Employee Meal Plans/Payroll Deductions
09 Jul