Hotel & Resort Restaurant POS

Successful hotels and resorts need a reliable point of sale systems for their restaurants. They are necessary for optimizing organizations and increasing profits. Watch the video below of what a good hotel and restaurant resort POS system can do for you.

Hotel and Resort Restaurant POS: Why You Need One

A point of sale system is a program that combines the sales, inventory, customer service, and personnel needs of a hotel restaurant in one convenient place. A hotel and resort POS is used for such important functions as managing rewards, taking payments, scheduling upcoming promotions, and even offering special discounts.

Hotel and Resort Restaurant POS: The Joys of PMS Integration

Another great feature is that Bepoz integrates with nearly all standard hotel management systems. You won’t have to install a new management program to communicate with Bepoz. You also won’t need to buy new, expensive equipment to use our point of sale system.

Tracking Restaurant Inventory

Bepoz offers specific features that are useful for a hotel and resort restaurant. The system allows you to create menus with ease. You can schedule menus to have specials on specific days of the week or change pricing as you see fit. You can even use this system to track your inventory and order ingredients when you run low.

Order Placing Made Easy

This POS system lets your customers place orders at the counter and table-service restaurants. They can bill their food and drinks to their room and use discounts with ease. Servers can make tickets that immediately go to the bar or kitchen. The fast communication between customers, servers, and the kitchen mean diners get their orders more quickly, which makes them more likely to return.

The Convenience of One System

Though there are many more features to the Bepoz point of sale system, perhaps the most helpful is that it can be used across your various properties and revenue centers. You can use the same system for your hotel restaurants, gift shops, and much more. Your employees only have to learn one system and managers can use the same POS to compare and contrast reports across all properties.

Call us today to learn how the Bepoz point of sale system helps hotel and resort restaurants achieve greater success on a daily basis. We are eager to talk to you now!


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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tim with Bepoz hotel point of sale systems. And in this video, we want to talk about how Bepoz could be used within your restaurants. 

Now in many hotels, they might have multiple revenue centers, and even potentially have multiple hotels with multiple revenue centers. Bepoz could centrally manage all that. And if you’re using it within the restaurant, well you might have a fine dining restaurant, you might have a, you know, traditional casual table service restaurant. You might have outlets that are bars, quick service restaurants, ice cream shops. All of those, all of the above, any kind of food service that you want to run within your hotel, Bepoz could operate in that environment.

With kitchen displays, kitchen printers, table service with tablets, or with the traditional point of sale system, and all the various options that you would be used to in that, as well as the ability to charge to their front desk folio, to the PMS system if you’d like, with all the traditional hotel front desk property management system integrations that you would be used to.

If you would like to talk to us about how Bepoz could be used within your hotel or resort, restaurant, we would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.