Hotel and Resort POS and PMS System Integration

Hotels and resorts need property management systems in order to function. These systems must work cohesively with the resort and hotel’s POS solution. Watch the video below to see an explanation of the importance of integrating a resort and hotel PMS system with a point of sale system.

A hotel PMS system is vital for record-keeping, making online reservations, booking guests, tracking hotel activities, and a wide number of other functions. A property management system is used throughout each day by the hotel staff and management.

A point-of-sale system that works hand-in-hand with the hotel front desk system will allow guests to make room charges to their room folio from the POS system. Resort managers rely on hotel PMS system integration to ensure all reports are accurate, customer interactions are easy and employees are unencumbered by bulky software. Front desk systems that use POS solutions with PMS system integration can see increased business due to greater customer satisfaction.

Integrate Your Hotel PMS System With Bepoz

Bepoz is a POS solution that integrates with most major resort and hotel PMS systems. Some of the PMS solutions Bepoz integrates with include Oracle, Fidelio, Newbook, and RDP, but there are many more. Bepoz is compatible with virtually any PMS platforms that integrate with Micros.

The Bepoz system is preferred by many resorts and hotels because it has many functions other systems don’t and it is so simple to learn and use. Resorts don’t have to spend many extra hours training their employees on complicated systems. They can also avoid needing to install new, specialized PMS systems to integrate with their POS that the employees will have to learn from scratch. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Bepoz POS hotel and resort PMS system integration? Bepoz is here to help! We love talking to our customers about all the ways Bepoz can benefit your company. Our point of sale solution can be used in your restaurants, boutiques, salons, gift shops, spas, and more. You can use this system to track inventory, make menus and even track employee incentive programs. Give us a call right now to discuss how our point of sale solution will increase your business and your profit.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz’s hotel point of sale systems. And in this video, we’re going to talk about our integrations to traditional hotel front desk property management systems or PMS systems.

So, Bepoz integrates to most traditional Property Management Systems, and that typically is used in your restaurant, or your bar, or retail shop, when a guest wants to charge to their room. So they come into the restaurant, and say ‘hey I want this meal’. And instead of paying with cash or credit card, they can charge to their room that is managed by the hotel front desk system in the PMS.

So Bepoz integrates using the same format and file format that Micros uses for many of its integrations, the Micros 47 or Micros Fias integration. And so most systems that Micros can integrate to, Bepoz can integrate to as well. So if you have a question about your PMS system, if it integrates to Micros, we should talk. 

Now there are many other systems that we integrate outside of that. So we can’t name every possible PMS system within this video because there’s so many, but big names are Oracle, or Fidelio, or Agilisys, or many others that Bepoz could integrate. We also do RDP and NewBook and many others.

So if you have a question about how Bepoz could be used within your hotel or resort, we would love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click on the link below.