Hotel & Resort Bar POS

Hotels and resorts make significant profits from bar service. Even the smallest misstep can significantly eat into the bottom line. This is why every hotel and bar needs an excellent point of sale system. Watch the video below to learn more about how Bepoz can integrate with your hotel and resort bar POS.

Bars are excellent sources of revenue with a profit margin of up to 80 percent. Hotels and restaurants need to implement a point of sale system that capitalizes on this fact. Bepoz offers a hotel and resort bar POS that is easy to use, helps to increase sales, and provides customer service solutions.

Hotel and Resort Bar POS: Charge to the Folio

A hotel guest who stops by the bar may not want to take the time or effort to wait for a bill. The ability to charge to the hotel folio is an easy way to cater to your hotel guests’ needs. Guests know that charging to the room is safe and makes tracking their own spending easier. Giving them this option, which is available through the Bepoz hotel POS, is good business sense.

Hotel and Resort Bar POS: One POS for All Locations

Many hotels have more than one bar. Many resorts have multiple bars onsite. It makes no sense to have each bar on a different point-of-sale system. With Bepoz, your resort bar POS system is able to be used at one bar or multiple bars. You can separate reports or combine them for an overall snapshot of your property’s profits. You can also track separate inventory for each bar as well as bar stock rooms. 

Take Orders at Tables

Bars with table service can implement Bepoz to take customer orders. This isn’t just true of dining tables but at gaming tables as well in the hotel is attached to a Casino. Cocktail servers can use Bepoz to take orders anywhere on the bar or gaming floor. Players will stay happy, orders will remain accurate and Bepoz will do all of the behind-the-scenes work.

Fast Keys for Quick Transactions

Faster service is always beneficial. Your servers and bartenders can cover more ground, your customers are happier and your yield gets higher and higher. Fast keys allow your bartenders and servers to take fast, accurate orders every time.

Are you ready to increase your profit at your hotel and resort bar? Call Bepoz today. We will answer your questions and get you started with our revolutionary system.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz hotel point of sale systems. And in this video, we want to talk about how Bepoz could be used within the bars in your hotel.

You could have one bar or many bars within your hotel, and at those bars, you could have a bartender who is taking orders at the bar, or I could have cocktail servers who are walking around taking orders, and those cocktails servers could be walking around taking orders with tablets, or they could have fixed stations that they need to walk over in a more traditional format to enter their order.

We could also have food service within that bar and items that are going off to the kitchen. The cocktail servers could be sending those orders to the bartender to tell the bartender server or a printer so that it would print to the bartender to tell them what to make.

We could be running tabs for customers or taking payments as we go. We could be doing Fast Keys or fast transactions where you just ring up the transaction and quickly tender it.

All of those become options as well as the ability to do what we call a Bar Tap Preauth where you preauth the card and keep it on file in case the person leaves and forgets to pay on their bill.

Now Bepoz has a couple options on this. We also can integrate to your hotel front desk system, or your PMS system, and do room charges to the folio. And we can do the same kind of thing as a Bar Tab Preauth, and a Bar Tap Preauth again, we take a card and keep it on file so that if the person leaves. What I can also do is keep their hotel room on file so that if they leave, we charge to their hotel room. So think of that as a hotel room charge preauth instead of a credit card preauth, right?

So in both cases, we could hold either their room number or their credit card on file so that if they, maybe had too much to drink or just get forgetful, and leave the bar without paying, you’ve got a payment form on file to be able to complete that transaction.

When we do the Bar Tab Preauth or the room charge, we could pull up their room charge and start the tab with either the name of the person on the folio from their room or from the name on the credit card when we swiped it.

In either case, Bepoz can handle this. You can start to see the flexibility of Bepoz to be able to manage all sorts of transactions within your bar.

If you would like to talk to us about how Bepoz could help you with your bars within your hotels or resorts, we would love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.