Key Features of a Hotel POS

The hotel industry thrives on customer service. Under-promise and over-deliver should be the mantra for every successful hotelier. Why not let your Point-of-Sale (POS) System help bring superior service to your patrons. It can easily customize and enhance the customer relationship at the point-of-sale, take orders, enter special requests, set prompts for specials and combos, and track order status.

Here’s a few other features a quality hotel POS system like Bepoz provides.

One System

One of Bepoz’s biggest features is the shared capability of having your retail and restaurant software wrapped up in one system. This helps with cost effectiveness, employee training, accounting processes, etc.

Forecasting Tools

Forecasting is the ultimate resource for anticipating the future performance of your hotel’s key metrics—occupancy, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room). Forecasting future demand is crucial because it leads to an efficient planning for, and decision making to all the departments, and most importantly it is one of the drivers of pricing.

Labor Management

This tool helps track and control labor costs, along with analyzing employee efficiency. Use it to log details for payroll calculation, scheduling, tip declaration, etc.

Inventory Management

Manage tasks such as counting inventory, generating and receiving orders, and entering transfers or wastes.

Got a restaurant in your hotel? Use your POS to provide the ability to track every ingredient in a recipe or dish, which in turn allows the user to better track food costs. The ability to set recipe quantities allows you to minimize waste, increase quality control and verify for variances.

Loyalty Features

Hotel guests are continually on the lookout for excellent service, amenities and experiences from their hotel of choice. That’s where hotel loyalty programs come into play with specialized offers, membership perks and VIP treatment. For the hotel owner, these loyalty programs can be very effective in attracting customers and encouraging them to become repeat, loyal customers.

A quality POS system can also offer features like cash management, accounts receivable, events manager and more. Call Bepoz to talk about your hotel’s needs today.