Candy Store Inventory Management

Candy store inventory management is crucial for continued success. Watch the video below to learn how to optimize candy inventory by managing candy store inventory levels.

Candy Store Inventory Management: Full Store Inventory

Most candy stores have multiple forms of income. You probably sell items that you purchase from wholesalers. You may have confections that you make within your store. You might have a soda or ice cream counter. Many candy stores sell balloons, plush toys, and containers that can be used for gift baskets. All of these items need to have proper inventory management. At the same time, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use the same system for every type of item you sell. Bepoz point of sale systems manages your inventory regardless of the type, style, or its point of origin.

Ingredient Level Inventory

Bepoz doesn’t just inventory the items you have on display. We can also inventory everything you need to keep your business running. Do you make saltwater taffy for your candy store? Bepoz could keep track of the sugar, corn starch, butter, corn syrup, salt, flavorings, and colorings you need for your perfect recipe. You’ll never find yourself running out of an important ingredient because Bepoz will keep you aware when your supply is low.

Managing Candy Store Inventory Levels: Purchasing and Replenishment

Is it time to purchase new items? Bepoz can help with that as well. Bepoz can generate purchase orders for you. This saves you time, which saves you money. The system can even be set up to automatically make purchases when your supply reaches the low threshold that you choose. Perhaps you want to move merchandise from one store to another. Bepoz can track your inventory as it moves so you always know what items you have in each candy store you own.

Contact Bepoz candy store point of sale systems today to learn how to optimize your candy store inventory management. We are eager to share with you how Bepoz functions as an all-in-one point of sale solution that also manages your supplies, purchases, rewards programs and so much more. Call us today!


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz candy store point of sale systems. In this video, we want to talk about inventory management.

Bepoz has the capacity to manage your inventory for your candy stores and manage your inventory if you’re creating your own products or if you’re purchasing your products from outside vendors or both. Whatever your inventory scenario, Bepoz should have a solution for you.

You could use Bepoz for the purchasing side and actually make purchases from your outside vendors, and Bepoz is really good at optimizing your inventory levels and making sure that you’re not having waste or buying too many of a product that are sitting on the shelf and wasting space or wasting your dollars on the shelf, and also helping you convert that inventory into sales, but also convert ingredient level inventory into sellable products if you’re doing that.

There are many ways that Bepoz could use this. Bepoz has inventory counting, purchasing, and receiving. I can make purchase orders from my outside vendors and optimize my purchases, receive the inventory transfer between locations, and replenish my inventory from a central warehouse or commissary. Lots of different ways that Bepoz could be used for your inventory systems. 

You can see from just a few of the topics that we’ve briefly touched on that Bepoz has a hugely powerful inventory system. We would love to talk to you about how Bepoz could help you with your candy store inventory needs. If you want to talk to us, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.