Candy Stores & Manufactured Product Sales

Candy stores often make at least some of their own products. You might make fudge, specialty chocolates, chocolate-covered fruits, taffy, ice cream, or any number of items that are unique to your store. If this is something you do, you need to track all of your candy store’s ingredient inventory. Watch the video below as we explain the importance of POS inventory tracking for manufactured product sales.

Candy Stores & Manufactured Product Sales: Ingredient Inventory

Every type of candy has a specific recipe. That recipe shows the steps and the ingredients involved in making the perfect product. You need to have the ability to accurately track those recipe ingredients each time they are used and each time they are ordered.

The Bepoz point of sale system tracks your candy store’s ingredient inventory for you. Whenever you make one of your specialty items, you can use a barcode scanner, keyed entry or a touchscreen interface to tell the system how much of the new product was made. Bepoz will then deduct the appropriate ingredients from inventory while adding the new items.

POS Inventory Tracking

Once you have created the product and it is ready for purchase, Bepoz will use its POS inventory tracking to track it in the same way all other items are tracked. At the point of sale, the barcode scan automatically deducts the item from your inventory. If you prefer, you can have the ingredients deducted at that time rather than when the product was first created. Either way, you will always have an up-to-date list of the ingredients in all of your recipes.

Candy Stores & Manufactured Product Sales: Recipe Storage

Bepoz is not just for candy sales. Another great feature of Bepoz for candy manufacturing is the ability to store recipes. Anyone who has permission to see recipes in the Bepoz point of sale system can read the recipes that you keep on file. You could share these recipes with employees in your store. If you have multiple stores, recipes could be accessible across each of your branches or kept private from stores. Customers will have consistency even with handmade items.

Bepoz is would love to talk to you about how we can help you track manufactured product sales at your candy store. Call Bepoz candy store point of sale so we can talk with you today!


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz candy store point of sale systems, and in this video, we’re going to talk about candy stores that manufacture their own products.

There may be various names that you might use to call that, but essentially, you make your own products and you want to track inventory. Now, Bepoz is a full inventory management system and can manage all the inventory, but if you’re creating your own products, you might want to manage all the ingredients and the building of those products.

You might make a batch of some product, let’s say for instance you’re making saltwater taffy, and you have all the sugar and other ingredients that it takes to make that saltwater taffy, and when I create it, I create it and it deducts, let’s say I’m making a 10 pound batch of saltwater taffy, and when I create that, it deducts, I don’t know, eight pounds of sugar and whatever ingredients there are. I don’t know the recipe for saltwater taffy obviously, and then it deducts all those ingredients and then creates a new batch of saltwater taffy in pounds.

I’ve now got an output of 10 pounds of saltwater taffy for instance, or it could be chocolate or other things, and it could have an infinite number of ingredients in that batch recipe that we’re creating. But it’s basically converting all the ingredients that we have on hand on the shelf and deducting it from the shelf and then creating a new inventory product that we’re selling by ounces, by weight, by items, however, it is that you want to track it from that point forward. But it creates a new output item from the recipe and the manufacturer products, and it is possible to go through multiple layers of this.

Let’s say for instance you made candy pecans out of sugar and cinnamon, and candy or and pecans, and then I could manufacture that product. It becomes an ingredient and then I take that candied pecan and then use it as an ingredient in the next product. 

We could do multi-layered manufactured products like that and this could work across a single location or many locations. If you’d like to talk to us about this or any other things that we’ve discussed in some of our other videos, we’ve covered many other topics about candy stores. We would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.