Candy Store Bulk Products

Candy stores typically sell their items in bulk. This can wreak havoc on inventory control if not closely monitored. Watch the video below of how the right point of sale system is the perfect match for candy store bulk products so you can improve inventory control. 

Candy Store Bulk Products: Bulk Sales and Inventory Control

Selling candy in bulk, whether pre-packaged or packaged by the customer, is a standard way some candy stores operate in the United States. This is great for the customer who wants a specific amount of candy by weight. It also creates difficulties for the candy store that needs to track inventory. This is especially true when customers choose to mix and match candies.

Pricing Candy by the Ounce

As you know, not all candies are the same. Although some may be prepackaged and sold as an item, others may be sold by weight. You can price candy by the ounce to provide a more accurate candy inventory tracking tool. When it is weighed, the scale communicates with Bepoz to let the system know exactly how much inventory, down to the ounce, needs to be removed from the system. If a scale is not included, the cashier can either key in or use a touchpad to select the type of candy. Either processes allows you to know which bulk products need to be replenished and which you might have in surplus. You can even set up automatic ordering using Bepoz’s user-friendly system.

Streamlining Bulk Inventory

Bepoz point of sales systems offers a bulk product option that streamlines your candy inventory needs. Our flexible system gives you options based on how you choose to operate your store. You can sell the items by weight at the counter, or there are other options. For instance, you can pre-package all of your candy or just the most popular choices. A label printing scale works with the Bepoz candy store POS to ensure accuracy each time a candy is pre-packaged. That pre-created label will then deduct the exact inventory level from your system at the point of sale.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz candy store point of sale systems, and in this video, we’re going to talk about the selling of bulk products.

Many candy stores may have products that they sell in bulk. They may have bins and you can go in and get a scoop of this kind of candy and that kind of candy, and then put them in a bag and then bring them to the counter to buy them. In that case, the products are sold by weight typically.

In that case, we would have a scale at the point of sale, and that scale would then have an integration to the point of sale so it would know how many ounces or pounds, depending on how you wanted to weigh this item, and would both deduct from inventory the items as well as ring up the correct price.

So you bring up a bag of jelly bellies or whatever it is that you’re bringing up to the counter, they put it on the scale, they weigh it, it outputs the weight that goes in the point of sale. It knows how much jelly bellies are a pound and rings up the correct price. That’s how bulk products are done.

A couple of considerations for bulk products, one that it’s not actually possible if you’re mixing and matching candies by weight to track inventory on individual candies because if I put three ounces of jelly bellies in a bag and another two ounces of chocolate stars in the bag and I mix them all together, the system can’t know to deduct three ounces of jelly bellies and two ounces of stars.

So what we have to do with the bulk products typically is lump them, if you want to track inventory, is lump them into one bulk category, and we say that we have ten pounds of bulk products and when we sell it, we just deduct anything that we sell from that bulk category, and we can do that from an inventory standpoint.

Another way that you could do this is by prepackaging the products. You could have a label printing scale. A lot of candy stores wouldn’t want to do this, but some would, that you’d be able to prepackage the jelly bellies into prepackaged goods and sell them still by weight. So I would then put them in a bag at roughly a pound, but let’s say it’s one pound five ounces, and it will actually, the label will print out from the label printing scale for one pound five ounces worth of jelly bellies for instance. If I had one pound four ounces, then it would be a different price, so each bag may be uniquely priced, but it’s priced per ounce. It’s similar to the way that you would buy meat at a grocery store. That would be another way to do it.

We could then be more accurate, track inventory to the type of candy that we have. When I get to the point of sale, then I just scan the barcode that’s on that pre-created label, and it will deduct the correct inventory and charge the correct price for that specific bag with that specific weight.

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