Candy Store Barcode Printing

Barcodes are fast, easy, and accurate ways to scan goods at the point of sale. A candy store needs this accuracy, especially when it comes to selling bulk products or those items made in the store. Watch the video below as we go over candy store barcode printing and inventory control through the Bepoz point of sale system.

Candy Store Barcode Printing: Pre-printed Barcodes

Your candy store needs to operate at its best efficiency in order to secure profits. Barcodes are arguably the quickest method for scanning merchandise in candy stores. Unfortunately, some candy stores use items that don’t arrive with ready-to-use barcodes. Likewise, you may make your own fudge, ice cream, chocolates, or other items in your store. What do you do when there are no barcodes to be found?

Bepoz allows you to print barcode labels for these products. The barcodes contain information that include the item’s name, a description of the item, and the cost. All your cashiers need to do is scan the barcode to find the item price.

Candy Store Barcode Printing: Weighing Objects with Barcodes

Many candy stores rely on bulk sales for at least some of their items. Barcode printing works perfectly with bulk items. Because the barcode includes all information about your candy, it calculates the exact cost of the item based on its description and the item’s weight. Once again, the cashier does not have to worry about calculating anything. They simply need to scan the barcode and the price appears. There is no haggling or worry that the price is wrong.

Candy Store Barcode Printing: Barcodes and Candy Store Inventory Control

One of the greatest features of candy store barcode printing with Bepoz point of sale systems is that inventory is automatically deducted with each scan. The barcode scanner communicates with your inventory. It deducts the exact amount of candy that is sold. The Bepoz system can even be set up to automatically order items when the stock is low.

Barcode inventory doesn’t solely refer to the items in your storeroom. If you make candy in your store, you can place the recipe in the barcode data. Candy store inventory control will tell you how much of each ingredient is needed, has been used, may be in surplus, or may be running low. Whether you have had a candy store for many years or you are a candy store start-up, your candy store’s inventory control is vital to your success.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz candy store point of sale systems, and in this video, we’re going to talk about barcode printing options in Bepoz. We have another video that covers very similar topics related to label printing because some customers want to print labels for various purposes, including barcodes. But in this video, we’re talking specifically about barcodes.

When you need to print barcode labels for your products, there might be products that you create or products that you buy that don’t have barcodes when they come in or the printed products that you create don’t have barcodes.

You could print barcode labels for your products so that you can scan them when you want to sell them at the point of sale. Now those barcode labels will have the description or the title of the product as well as the price of the product. But for this purpose, we’re talking about the barcode that’s going on that product.

There are also what we call a price embedded barcode that could be printed, that’s printed out of a scale where you weigh the item and it prints out an embedded barcode that has the weight of the product and the product number embedded in the barcode so that when you scan the product, it will know which product it is and what the weight is to deduct from inventory, and what the weight is so we give the appropriate cost to the customer.

Any of those barcode labels could have recipe or ingredient information or other information labeled on it. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your candy store operations. If you’d like to talk to us about this, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.