Candy Store Set Up for Loyalty Programs, Discounting, Promotions & Marketing

A loyalty program is one of the best ways to virtually guarantee repeat business. Watch the video below as we describe how Bepoz’s candy store POS system can help your candy store business set up loyalty programs and promotions.

Candy Store Set Up: What is a Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is an initiative that rewards repeat customers every time they spend money in your store. Candy stores benefit from loyalty programs by encouraging consumers to shop in the same store every time they wish to purchase candy. There are numerous options when it comes to rewards programs, but two of the most popular are Points for Dollars and Rewards for Purchases.

Candy Store Business Set Up: Points for Dollars

The Points for Dollars program gives your customers points for every dollar they spend. Those points can then be used as a discount, a store credit or redeemed for freebies. Many stores give their customers the option to turn those loyalty points into charitable donations. Bepoz Point of Sale Systems makes tracking this customer loyalty program easy. Using your customer’s telephone number or setting up a unique account number that is then keyed into the system pulls up the rewards program every time they shop.

Candy Store Busines Set Up: Rewards for Purchases

Maybe you don’t want to track each dollar spent. Instead, you can set up a program that rewards each product sold or each transaction. Those rewards are often in the form of discounts but they can be anything you like. Perhaps you offer a free pound of chocolate or some other product once a certain threshold has been met. Bepoz Candy Store POS can manage your loyalty program in any way you choose.

Loyalty Tiers

Loyalty tiers are a great way to continually reward your customers. Loyalty programs that use tiers give customers staggered levels of rewards based on how much money they have spent in your store over time. Loyalty tiers are a great marketing tool because they encourage your customers to reach elite status simply by spending more in your store. Your top-tier customers might even be offered special promotions that are only available to them, which in turn motivates customers to achieve that status.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz candy store point of sale systems, and in this video, we’re going to talk about loyalty systems for your candy store customers or rewards. Bepoz has lots of different ways to do loyalty and we could talk about this for a long time, but we’re going to try to keep this brief.

You could offer your customers the ability to get points as they spend dollars, and so they would get points and then be able to redeem them. You could give them a reward platform that says, ‘hey, every ten pounds of candy that you buy, you get a pound free’, could be something like buy ten get, one free, something like that. You could say, ‘hey if you spend x number of dollars or x number of points, we’ll give you a gift certificate or some free item’.

There’s lots of different ways that you could do that in Bepoz. Now you could also add to that the ability to do tiers. So you could have a tier like, let’s say bronze, silver, and gold in your loyalty customers and at each different level, they might get a better reward or a better discount based on their points, or it might be instead of buy ten, get one free, it’s buy nine, get one free. Or instead of getting a five-dollar gift certificate, they get a six-dollar gift certificate, a ten-dollar gift certificate, or whatever you want to do. 

But when you study loyalty and you can google it about loyalty systems, loyalty does generate loyalty. It will help you retain and improve your customer experiences and bring them back over and over again.

These loyalty platforms can be very powerful. Now in addition to those, we could also offer, let’s say your gold members, and you could advertise to your bronze and silver members that gold members get an additional five percent off all purchases or on certain products or they get free drinks on Wednesdays or they get buy two, get one free on Mondays or, I don’t know, whatever you wanted to.

There’s lots of different options. One of the things that we do with this loyalty plan is oftentimes, we’re grabbing either a cell phone number that we can send text messages to or an email address that we can email market to. Other things that you do with a loyalty plan is you use this to help get those customers back again and again. Let’s say your average customer comes to your business every 90 days. I could then email or text message them if they didn’t come back within the 90-day period as an incentive and give them a bounce-back coupon, ‘hey, we haven’t seen you for a while. Here’s a twenty percent off coupon if you come back in the next two weeks’ or something like that.

There’s way more options than we could possibly describe in this video. We could spend an entire hour talking about all the different options of Bepoz loyalty, so in this, we’ve just chosen to give a few examples.

But if you have other ways that you would like to implement loyalty within your candy store and your point of sale system, we would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.