Casino POS Videos

Casino POS Videos

Watch our video series on Casino POS as we put a spotlight on all of the features you need to boost sales at your casino operation. Whether you need to boost revenue at your casino’s retail shops and stores or streamline your food service operation, Bepoz POS for casinos has you covered.

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Bepoz Casino Liquor Dispensing Integration - Casino POS Videos

Casino Liquor Dispensing Integration

Liquor dispensing systems take the guesswork out of your casino bar operation. Watch the video below as Tim explains how our casino POS system’s casino liquor dispensing integration works with just about any service. Bartenders can’t overpour when using a dispensing system that pours and tracks every order. Berg is one popular liquor controlling system that easily integrates with the Bepoz casino POS. A liquor dispensing system controls which liquors are poured out of the system. All your servers have to

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1127388 Bepoz Casino Catering IVVY Integration FSG 071621 - Casino POS Videos

Casino Catering POS Integration

Catering for banquets and other special events is an excellent revenue stream for casinos. Area businesses can use your facility for their banquets while they pay you for space and/or

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1124683 Bepoz Casino Reservation Management FSG 071321 - Casino POS Videos

Casino Reservation Management

Every dining establishment that offers table service needs a reservation management system. Your casino’s fine dining or casual restaurants can use the Bepoz POS casino reservation management system to ensure

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1121690 Bepoz Casino Enterprise Reporting FSG 070921 - Casino POS Videos

Casino Enterprise Reporting

Decisions in casinos are made by studying compiled data. Watch the video below as Tim highlights the benefits of enterprise reporting using high-quality casino POS software.  You need to know where

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1115470 Bepoz Casino Online Ordering Capabilities FSG 070221 - Casino POS Videos

Casino Online Ordering Capabilities

Ordering food online is a convenience that is embraced by customers around the globe. Watch the video below as Tim explains how Bepoz can help with your casino’s online ordering capability

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1105227 Bepoz Bar Tab Pre Auth for Casinos FSG 062221 - Casino POS Videos

Bar Tab Pre-Auth for Casinos

Bepoz Point of Sale (POS) can pre-authorize a credit card in your Casino’s bar. In this overview video below, you will learn about how the bar tab pre-auth process works.

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Casino Player Rewards and Discounts FSG - Casino POS Videos

Casino Player Rewards and Discounts

Player retention is vital for casinos. Player rewards programs have been proven to keep customers returning to the same casino again and again. Unfortunately for casinos, these rewards programs can

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1061335 Bepoz Casino InVideo FSG 051921 - Casino POS Videos

Casino POS Overview

The casino industry is growing and thriving. In order to keep up with the steady demand for gaming, operators and owners of these facilities must use the best point-of-sale systems

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