Use Your POS to Manage Your Retail Staff’s Performance

Could you retail staff perform better at sales and service? Most business owners would probably say that there is always room for improvement. So why not give your employees the best resources to improve performance, and boost your bottom line?  It all starts with a quality point-of-sale (POS) system. Here are some tips on taking advantage of your POS’s features to manage staff performance.


First, start with training your staff. Provide them with software demos or personal guidance. It’s better to make errors during training then in real-life.

Reports & Scheduling

Pull data from your POS to see who sells the most, and when you peak and slow times are during business hours. Then schedule the appropriate staff in the right time slots.


Boost accountability with your staff by having them log into their register with a pin so all their transactions are recorded. Additionally, remove opportunities for employees to pocket cash without ringing up items by enforcing the cash drawer is only opened when a transaction is completed. Lastly, enforce cash accountability by requiring cashiers to do a blind money drop.

Track Payroll

When you have multiple employees it can be difficult to watch overtime hours each week especially around holidays. However, run payroll reports from your point-of-sale so that you never pay overtime again.

Private Data

Not every employee is equal. That means they all shouldn’t have access to the same things, like data.  Limit your employee’s access to certain types of data within your software.

Reward Top Salesman

It’s always a good morale booster to reward those that work hard for you. Run contests to award those who perform the best. Gift cards are always a nice “thank you” for a job well done. Let your POS help you with the contest by keeping track of individual sales over a certain period of time.

Capitalizing on the tips mentioned above is a sure way to manage employee performance while increasing sales. For more ideas about boosting employee performance through POS software, give Bepoz a call.