The Thrills of an Amusement Park POS

A busy day at the amusement park means more than just thrills. It means lots of sales—multiple streams of sales ranging from concessions to parking fees, souvenirs, games, and other event/show admissions. Keeping track of it all can seem mind-boggling, but let Bepoz’s high quality point-of-sale (POS) Amusement Park system figure it out.

Bepoz offers a state-of-the-art operating system that combine retail and restaurant features wrapped up into one POS. In roller coaster terms, think of it as the fastest, and ultimate computer software. High-end software is a definite must when dealing with multiple types of entertainment sales. Let’s take a closer look.

Food Services

Inside your park, you may have several large restaurants along with multiple food carts/kiosks. You’ll want to make sure each kitchen is efficient, minimizing errors and waste, along with being able to communicate with the cooks. It’s possible with your POS. Overall, you’ll want to make sure all your restaurants have the right stock to handle daily operations. Management can be alerted as stock levels start to drop, and in what location. Shopping lists can be made after each night.


Today’s park clientele want online ticketing. Bepoz can offer a real-time ecommerce that allows customers to purchase tickets online or by calling in. Then the tickets are immediately available for use. Online tickets can be printed from home or kept in the “Will Call” system electronically until the customer arrives.

Data Access

Keep organized and on goal with easy access to general admissions sales, discounted admission sales and any other sales like games or products with a click of a button. POS Software can be accessed from every booth or kiosk with a register and Internet connection while data is collected, stored and selectively accessible from a secure location.


Monitor inventory in all your shops across the park. Find out what sells best in each location and strategically stock the shelves. Reduce human error, hold data and provide faster services using barcodes. With multiple locations, the transfer of products between locations is common.

Analyze and Strategize

Let your POS do all the work. Run reports. Look at the data and leverage it to maximize your sales. Use your POS to plan promotions and market during slower times.

As you can see, there is so much you can do with a Bepoz Amusement Park POS system. Let us help you customize yours today!