How POS Marketing Can Work in Your Business

You’re standing in line at the grocery story, waiting. What do you see around you? Probably the recent magazines, candies, snacks, sodas, etc. Why are these placed here? They are there for impulse buyers to make unplanned purchases. These are the upsells. Once you begin checking out, you might be asked your email, or maybe your phone number to activate the store’s loyalty program. It’s also possible that you may see some ads on the LCD display as you watch your items ring up. These are all examples of point-of-sale (POS) marketing.

POS marketing refers to all efforts that increase sales at the check out. Typically this revolves around a cash register, although a POS for a business might be a meeting table, or a web page.

This is commonly used to encourage last minute purchases. Here are a few ideas on how you might utilize POS marketing for your business.

Gas Stations

Stock your point-of-sale area with energy bottles, beef jerky, and candy. Think about what else travellers might purchase last minute at the register.

Retail Businesses,

Place low-ticket items near your register. Boutiques may place jewelry; hardware stores may place snacks and sodas.

Fast-food Restaurants

Promote your menu inside and through the drive-though; place signage on the window promoting a drink or a beverage. Add a dessert display and gift-cards at the register. Perhaps, you also display the kid’s meal toy.

Liquor Stores

Maybe you focus on gums, breath mints, and small one-shot type liquor bottles.

As you can see there are many ways to increase an upsell at the point-of-sale. Why not take advantage of some of these ideas and implement them into your marketing strategies? Then watch your sales soar.